Junk Food Will Stay on Your Hips Forever…

Even if you diet later on. Uh-oh.

Junk Food Will Stay on Your Hips Forever…

Even if you diet later on. Uh-oh.

-Jane Farrell

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Ever hear the saying “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”? It’s true.

According to the Daily Mail, a team of Swedish researchers measured the results of two groups of healthy, fit twentysomething volunteers: One group was told to keep up with their normal eating and exercise routines for one month, while the other group was told to eat two fast-food meals a day– twice as many calories as they usually took in–and to exercise very little.

No surprise that the second group gained an average of twelve pounds each. Six months later, they had lost most but not all of the extra weight. But two and a half years later, they were still an average of six pounds heavier than the people who hadn’t binged. The kicker: most of the added pounds were stored on the hips, just as predicted by the lifetime-on-the-hips saying.

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“The change in fat mass was larger than expected,” Dr. Asa Emersson, of Sweden’s Linkoping University, told the Mail. “It suggests that even short-time behavioral changes may have long-term effects on health.”

Of course, it could also be that the group simply developed a taste for fast food and kept on eating it.

But what’s not in doubt is that they gained the weight and kept it on, and that it went right to their hips.

We just hope they got paid a lot for taking part in the study. (Daily Mail)

Jane Farrell is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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