Is He Just Trying to Sleep with Me?

this woman wonders if the man she is seeing only wants to sleep with her


Is He Just Trying to Sleep with Me?

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I have been talking to this guy for about a week and we’re really hitting it off. I let him know that I do not want to move too fast because I just got out of a relationship about three months ago. He said that it was fine with him and that he will wait as long as he needs to. He says many sweet things and compliments me a lot. He also says that he that he has been waiting to meet a girl like me for a long time. So my question is: Is he being real or is he telling me everything I want to hear so that I will sleep with him?

Avery: It sounds like the guy is simply nice and if you are spending time with him and he’s not pressuring you for sex, it would seem that he’s true to his word and will wait until you’re ready. It sounds like you’ve met a great guy. It won’t hurt, though, to be careful and continue to be cautious – especially since your feelings are tender since you just got out of a relationship.

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