Justin Bieber Has a Fever!

The exploitation of youth in its most manicured form.

Justin Bieber Has a Fever!

The exploitation of youth in its most manicured form.

-Sarah Polonsky

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Does anyone else out there find it a hair unhealthy to hear that Justin Bieber at age 16 has dropped 10 pounds recently due to his grueling work schedule? Now, I have no problem with a teenager earning his keep, but this goes way beyond a youngster standing behind the counter at Blockbuster after school.

From what I keep reading over and over again, the folks that make up the Bieber camp run disconcertingly similarly to those of the Third Reich– no meals will be served until every Tweet is uploaded and every hair upon his head, flat ironed! Have we forgotten the Biebs is a child and needs to break free from his tour bus and kick a soccer ball? I’m sure sports of any kind are out of the question for the imprisoned Bieber.

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The National Enquirer has reported that the teen phenomenon has suffered a terrifying collapse due to the immense stress he has been put under. It seems the more success he achieves the unhealthier this teenage sensation is becoming.

I’ve never passed out from stress—have you? How much stress must one be under to literally drop to the floor, anyway?

Just imagine having your already embarrassing period of puberty monitored by vocal coaches.

That alone is enough to give me a case of the heebie-jeebies.

Sarah Polonsky is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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