Justin Timberlake: "I Don't Really Have Anything to Lead With Except My Heart"

The stars of 'Friends With Benefits' talk about love and sex.

Justin Timberlake: “I Don’t Really Have Anything to Lead with Except My Heart”

The stars of ‘Friends With Benefits ‘talk about love and sex.

-Kenneth Thapoung

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On screen we see just how intimate and sexy Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are when they’re down to nothing but their skivvies. How do the stars of Friends With Benefits really feel when it comes to showing some tender loving care? Elle Magazine got them to reveal a few secrets.

On being caught in bed by their parents

Justin: I was caught one time. My mom wasn’t cool about it. I was too young to be in bed with a girl, so she was upset.

Mila: I don’t think my parents think I’ve ever had sex.

On sex without strings attached

Mila: …When a female orgasms, a hormone gets released. I’ve never met a girl who can have sex without an ounce of feeling.

Justin: Aha! Is that just a woman convincing herself so she feels like it’s okay to have sex with someone?…So it’s the same thing as with guys! Women are just lying to themselves.

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On leading with one’s head or heart in romance

Mila: My heart. I’m trying to lead with my head. I am. I’m trying! I’m failing.

Justin: She’s lying. Don’t ever change, kiddo. I’m a pushover too. I’m not really all that smart, so I don’t really have anything to lead with except my heart.

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