Katie Holmes: Suri "Will Probably be an Actress"

If you were Katie Holmes, would you want Suri following in your footsteps?

Katie Holmes: Suri “Will Probably Be an Actress”

If you were Katie Holmes, would you want Suri following in your footsteps?

-Evette Brown

Katie Holmes In Style

Suri Cruise is a child of many talents. Along with having the most pinchable celebrity kid cheeks and the best shoe collection of just about anyone we know, the 5-year-old fashionista is an “amazing athlete, singer, and dancer,” according to Katie Holmes in her August 2011 In Style cover interview. And, according to the marathon-running superstar actress, little Suri just might be following in her celebrity parents footsteps: “I think she’s going to do a lot of different things. She’s an amazing athlete, singer, and dancer, and I think she’ll probably be an actress,” Katie says.

Katie Holmes Suri Cruise

Katie also reveals that Suri is the fashionista in the house (quelle suprise): “I do not dress her. She dresses herself! Obviously, I buy her clothes, but she is the one who puts her outfits together. In fact, she helps me. If she likes something of mine, I know it’s good.”

Of course as Suri gets older, so does Katie, and she tells In Style she hopes she ages gracefully. And if not? “I’ll have to figure it out,” Katie told the magazine (via People). “But I don’t think I’m every going to do my lips — my sisters would kill me!”

Katie Holmes In Style

We must say — Katie looks GORGEOUS in the In Style shots, don’t you think? Here are some more excerpts from the interview (via StyleBistro.com)…

Katie Holmes In Style

On fashion: “I’m not afraid to try a new designer or do something trendy, but it has to look right on my body. You don’t want to look like a fashion victim!”

On growing up: “If there were one thing I could teach my younger self, it would be this: Realize your own power.”

Katie Holmes In Style

On acting: “Every time I get a job I cry. It sounds hokey, but it’s a sparkly moment that reminds you you’re living your dream every day. No matter how many roles you get, it’s like, ‘Somebody thinks I can do it!’”

On pressure to give Suri a sibling: “We already have a very big family; a full household with cousins who are over a lot, and she has her friends,” Holmes says. “My biggest thing is making sure she’s fully taken care of and doing well.”

Katie Holmes In Style

On being a mom and her job: “My work has changed for the better. I have more to bring to a role.”

On flying with hubby Tom Cruise: “Two years ago he took me up on his P-51 Mustang, a fighter plane from World War II. He painted the words, ‘Kiss Me, Kate’ on the side… It feels like you’re on a bike in the sky. I thought, I’m either going to spend this whole flight totally freaked out or realize this is pretty thrilling.”

On Tom and getting romantic: When you’re married to one of the world’s biggest movie stars, whom Holmes calls a “manly romantic,” life is bound to be exciting but also challenging when it comes to balancing careers and family. “In our family we have a policy: we make it work,” she says. “We Skype, and we try not to go for a week without seeing each other. We’re also very good at setting up camp wherever we go.”

Will Suri ever shine on the silver screen like here mama? Only time will tell. But with Holmes and Cruise blood running through her tiny veins, Hollywood surely already has a little star with her name on it.

Tell us: If you were Katie Holmes, would you want Suri following in your footsteps?

Evette Brown is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.com.

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