Katy Perry's Gift to Mom: A New Face!

Plus, Katy's dad is a big bucket of fun. Let's get this family a reality show, stat!

Katy Perry’s Gift to Mom: A New Face!

Plus, Katy’s dad is a big bucket of fun. Let’s get this family a reality show, stat!

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Katy Perry

Katy Perry gave her mom a beautiful gift – a face lift! Now her pastor dad just can’t stop talking about it, and how Katy and her mom look like they could be sisters. Aren’t families great?

“My daughter, little Katy Perry, bought my wife a facelift,” Rev. Keith Hudson said. “Hallelujah! My Lord, does she look good. It is amazing what they can do. They took 25 years off her. I am serious – it’s amazing.”

Katy’s mom Mary must have been thrilled about this. Every woman wants her husband to cry “Hallelujah” after seeing her face lift!

“I don’t know how I am going to handle this,” Hudson added. “I mean, she doesn’t look like her mother no more, she looks like Katy Perry’s sister. It’s going to be difficult because they’re going to say, ‘Who’s this old man with Katy Perry and her sister’?”

Um, ew. Just for fun, let’s chat about Rev. Hudson’s efforts to convert Perry’s fiancé Russell Brand to Christianity, hmm?

“That Russell Brand – he’s a prayer challenge,” Hudson said. “He is searching for God and that boy is going to get saved. If he’s going to hang around us, he’s going to fall in! He’s hungry for God.”

I am so over Katy Perry, but Rev. Hudson? I love him like I love Snooki! Get them on TV, stat!

Tell us: Would you give your mom a face lift? Or watch Katy Perry’s family on TV? (The Sun)

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  1. No. My mother has and will always age gracefully. Why do people insist on looking as young as they can??? You GROW UP. This is not Benjamin Button. Please accept your age. It’s just wrong.

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