Kendra Wilkinson: "I Live My Guilty Pleasures Every Single Day”

Kendra Wilkinson on motherhood, "me time” and of course, Dancing With The Stars.

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson is definitely a glass half-full type of person. I had a chance to do a short video interview with her the very day after she got axed from Dancing With The Stars. “You were robbed!” is my savvy opening line.

Her response? She just grins and says, “No, no … it worked in my favor … That’s the game!” And, “These things don’t last forever.” Kendra says she has no regrets at all about doing DWTS, but, she adds, “I would never do it again!”

So who’s this hot mama rooting for now? Kirstie Alley — the person Kendra grew closest to on the show (though she says she “loves everyone on the cast”).

“[Kirstie] would represent for a lot of women in America if she won. It would be very powerful,” Kendra says.

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Kendra’s doing these interviews as part of a promotional tour for Ab Cuts, the diet supplements she says helped her lose her baby weight. The tour is  in honor of Mother Day and the need for moms to make “me time” for themselves. So how does Kendra get her “me-time” in?

Dancing With The Stars was ‘me time’ of course,” she acknowledges. But interestingly, Kendra voices a sentiment that I think a lot of new moms share. “I’m a person that’s all about balance. I’m not about … me, me, me. Whenever I do have that alone time, I think about my son still. It’s not 100 percent  ‘me time’. Everywhere I go, if I’m alone, with friends … even at a party, I carry my baby around … in my mind and in my heart.”

Referring to her son, Hank Jr, who’s a year-and-a-half now, Kendra explains, “It’s not me time anymore — it’s his time. That’s the time I’m on.”

In fact, being on DWTS helped Kendra to know what she really loves in life.  “It made me really look at myself in a whole new light,” she says. But in the end, “I love my son, I love family. That’s what’s real to me, thats what I love most in life.”

DWTS was “perfect timing,” Kendra says, describing all the glamorous makeup, the hair, the costumes. “Everything was glamorous times 10. It made me actually look in the mirror for the first time since giving birth and say WOW — look at me! … I can’t believe I’m on Dancing With The Stars!”

Her advice for women to feel sexy post-mommyhood, to get their own “wow, look at me” feeling? “My advice to new mommies is to use common sense,” she says. “Your body will tell you what it needs.”

But don’t think this mama is all about diet supplements and exercise. The former “girl next door” does have indulgences — in fact, she indulges a lot. “I have many!” Kendra laughs. “I don’t have just one. I live my guilty pleasure every single day. I guess I abuse that a little too much — I eat what I want! It’s all in moderation.”

In fact, Kendra says, moderation is something that comes easily when you’re healthy. “When you’re at a good place with yourself — when you’re happy in life — everything comes natural. Moderation, balance. It just makes sense,” she says.

And is Kendra in a good place? “I’m very happy,” she says. “When you look in the mirror and you say, wow, I’m happy, look what I have in my life — I have my son, my husband, my new home, I lost the weight I wanted to lose in a healthy way … It’s pride.”

Happy Mother’s Day, Kendra!

Check out the complete interview, below:

Tell us: What’s your favorite way to get some “me-time”?

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