Kendra Wilkinson's Big Payday

Sex really does sell when it to comes to the Girls Next Door star.

Kendra Wilkinson’s Big Payday

Sex really does sell when it to comes to the Girls Next Door star.

-Sarah Polonsky

Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson‘s first paycheck for the soon-to-be-released sex tape is a massive $680,000, is reporting. That’s quite a hefty sum for some flesh and heavy breathing!

The reality television star secured the secret payment from Vivid in addition to receiving up to 50 percent of sales. Until now, Kendra’s upfront payment has been kept secret. But several sources tell Radar that she will be receiving her fat check this week. Plus, there are many more videos to come.

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Kendra’s ex-boyfriend Justin Frye— the man who orchestrated the deal with Vivid — sold roughly 20 tapes and tens of hours of content. It has set up Vivid to release a series of sequels to the Kendra Exposed premiere, which is scheduled for release on DVD this week.

While Frye got a $100,000 for the sale of the tapes, he will also be receiving a percentage of the sales—smaller than Kendra’s but a percentage nonetheless.

“There are hours of tape and it’s all high quality, too,” one source told “Justin was more than an amateur cameraman. He had experience filming street biking and this is some of the gnarliest tape footage in terms of quality that anybody has ever seen, ever. Greed got in the way of the deal,” the source said, revealing for the first time why the tape wasn’t sold at that time. “Too many people were involved… the negotiations went sour and it was pulled.”

Vivid is now reporting Kendra’s sex tape has the highest pre-sale numbers of any celebrity tape the company has distributed, including Kim Kardashian and others. (RadarOnline)

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  1. her poor child – he gets to know all about his Mom’s escapades – and how little value she places on her body – there is an old saying – children learn what they live – think about what this child will live – what do you think will be learned? very sad indeed –

  2. Hank knew what he was getting into – not only about Kendra’s playboy history but also letting himself be filmed with her in bed, etc.

    what’s with these guys? It’s like Lamar Odom and the Kardashian sister. what are they thinking?

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