Kim K, Selena Gomez and Other Celebs Show Off the 4 Worst Fashion Trends of 2011

Yeah, we've even got Rachel Zoe, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Heidi Klum wearing these horrors.

Kim K, Selena Gomez and Other Celebs Show Off the 4 Worst Fashion Trends of 2011

Yeah, we’ve even got Rachel Zoe, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga  and Heidi Klum wearing these horrors.

 -PJ Gach

nciole scherzinger kim kardashian nicki minaj

Most of 2011’s fashion was pretty, as well as pretty mild. Could it be the influence of the Middleton sisters? Or could it be that after the fashion disasters of previous years, people were too pooped to think ugly fashion thoughts? Whatever the reason, there were still four cringing trends that tortured us. Read on and find out what they were.

1. Feather Extensions

 kesha wearing feathers

First spotted on Kesha, feather extensions were a trend that celebs actually followed. We seen dangling feathers mixed in with tresses on Selena Gomez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Heidi Klum, Selena Gomez, and the worst offender, Steven Tyler. His clip on feathers looked like he was hiding small birds in his hair.

heidi klum selena gomez steven tyler

Wouldn’t it be easier to just glue a bird to your head?

The only good thing about feather extensions–you don’t have to worry about bird poop.

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2. Rompers

 britney spears in a romper

Rompers may have been darling to look at, but any woman knows that the idea of having to go to the bathroom wearing one rules out the purchase of one. When confronted with the image of Kim Kardashian, Jessica Szohr, Anna Faris, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, or any other celeb wearing a romper, most women don’t say, “Oh, she looks so cute.” They do say,”Poor thing’s gonna miss half the award show trying to get in and out of that romper.”

 anna faris kim kardashian cameron diaz

Sorry, designers; women don’t want to get nekkid anytime they have to tinkle. That’s why there were oodles of rompers on the clearance racks. Take the hint and stop designing them.

 3. Turbans

 jason wu spring 2011 show

Jason Wu, Vena Cava and Georgio Armani styled their spring 2011 lines with turbans. Sometimes an accessory ought to stay on the runway. It didn’t. We suddenly saw (normally) very fashionable women like Rachel Roy, Salma Hayak and Nicole Scherizinger plop them on their heads. Rachel Zoe wore hers like a beret, yet it still managed to come off as dated and costumey. Poor Hayley Hasselhoff (her entire outfit is a no) followed the fad, and pity all the wanna be fashionistas tried them too. Can you imagine all those itchy scalps under those tight-fitting caps? Seriously, nothing signifies that you need to hit up a colorist more than a turban.

 rachel roy hayley hasselhoff nicole sherzinger

rachel zoe

4. Celeb Trend: Constant Color Change

 katy perry many colored hair

One minute they’re blonde, the next any color of the rainbow. Katy Perry started with a blue wig; then the color madness set in, and she’s since been pale peach, mustard and hot pink. Glee’s Dianna Agron has tried pink and orange. Nick Minaj’s wigs are usually multi-colored, but once in awhile she picks a solid color. Oh, and let’s not forget Lady Gaga. We’ve seen various shades of turquoise and just can’t figure out if it’s a wig or she’s dye-crazy.

 dianna agron

lady gaga nicki minaj

The first time we see a celeb with tresses a color not found in nature, it looks cool. However, by constantly changing the color of their hair, they stop looking chic and cool. Instead they start to look like caricatures desperate for attention.

Tell us: what 2011 trends do you want to go away, never to be heard or seen from again?

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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