Kim Kardashian Is Engaged to a Younger Man: Is Going Younger Better?

What are the advantages to being the older one in the relationship?

Kim Kardashian Is Engaged to a Younger Man: Is Going Younger Better?

What are the advantages to being the older one in the relationship?

-Faye Brennan

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

News broke today that Kim Kardashian, 30, is engaged to New Jersey Nets player, Kris Humphries, 26. Now, I don’t want to base any theories about relationships on these two, but their engagement sparked an interesting thought in my head: are there any advantages to dating (and marrying) a younger guy?

I’ve always said I would never be interested in a guy that was younger than me. In fact, I’ve only had relationships with people who were at least two years older — the oldest was the 24-year-old bartender I dated when I was (gulp!) 19. Five years isn’t that big of a difference, but it was definitely a turn-on that he was older, more experienced in the real world, could teach me things and made his living serving something that was still illegal for me.

Scandalous, I know.

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Even though being of age is no longer an issue, I still gravitate towards older guys for those first three reasons. I’ve found that guys my own age aren’t on the same level of maturity as me. If I went younger, I’d be worried that there would be too many moments in the relationship where I would feel like I was babysitting.

Then again, I’ve felt that way when sitting across the table from a guy who just admitted he’s 27… 30… and 32.

Kim and Kris are only four years apart, and he seems like he may be one of those special guys who acts very mature for his age. His age could be “just a number,” as they say. But, what advantages, if any, does that give Kim?

Besides having a hot, younger guy in her bed every night, I’m kind of stumped… so I’m turning it over to you.

Tell us: what advantages are there to dating a younger man?

Faye Brennan is senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Is Engaged to a Younger Man: Is Going Younger Better?

  1. There is a certain amount of maturity that comes naturally with life experience. Finishing school, getting your first job and figuring out what you want to do with your life (or in my case, still figuring it out). In that sense, I believe age and the experience that comes with it definitely matters. And yes, men tend to be less mature emotionally than women. But some of these men never mature and some of them have a natural maturity to them even at a young age.

  2. Women tend to have a life expectancy of 5-10 years longer than a man, so with a younger man you are less likely to be alone at the end of your life.

  3. I always dated older, but the man I am very happily married to is five years younger than I am. I was totally in agreement about older being better, but when I met my husband, he’d been through infinitely more than I had – he was an active duty Marine who had already deployed a few times AND was a single father to a very young daughter. So even though I was five years older, had been to college, and literally traveled the world, in some ways he’s much more mature than I am.

    All of this was a really long way of saying, give everyone a chance. Age really is nothing but a number.

  4. The older you get the less age matters. Having a younger man makes no difference once you get to a certain point in life. My boyfriend is 3 years younger than me. We are in our 50s. It doesn’t matter one bit.

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