Kim Kardashian's Divorce Is a Marketing Bonanza!

Companies are thrilled (?) that the Kris H and Kim K train has derailed.

Kim Kardashians Divorce Is a Marketing Bonanza!

Companies are thrilled (?) that the Kris H and Kim K train has derailed.

-PJ Gach

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The moment the news broke yesterday about Kim Kardashian’s divorce, we were inundated with press releases about products Kim Kardashian should use to help her get over her divorce. Clever marketing ploy, or a way to reach out to other devastated celebs facing a divorce?

Check out this list of goodies we were sent! Think Kim’ll use any of them?

talika eye decompress

1. Talika Eye Decompress ($30, Recommended for Kim to use to cut down on puffy eyes. After all, she’s going to be crying (with laughter) her way to the bank every day until the divorce is final.

payot lip balm

2. Payot Hydration 24 Protection Levres SPF 10 hydrating lip balm ($30, Since Kim is single again, she may be kissing a lot of frogs before she finds her next victim, um, prince. Really, we mean PRINCE. Not FROG. Never mind.

maya water facial mist

3. Maya Water facial mist (?18,, is a rejuvenating skin care mist that will hydrate your skin and stick around longer than 72 days.

votre vu au revoir spot treatment

4. Votre Vu Au Revoir! Trouble Spot Treatment ($21, Poor Kim, We know she has a tendency to break out when she’s stressed. What’s more stressful than a divorce? Think she’ll go through bucket loads of this stuff in the coming months?

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good home spray

5. The Good Home Company sheet and clothing spray set ($40, Okay, we’re cheating here, we were actually sent this information before the big break up. Kim’s a fan of The Good Home Store. We’re thinking that since Kris and his size 99 smelly B-ball shoes are out of her houses in NYC and LA, she’s gonna wanna spray that man smell right out of her house. What better item to use than this spray set? It comes in Beach Days, Italian Citrus, Village Lavender and Summer Grass. There’s even matching candles, diffusers and more. Buh-bye stinky Kris Humprhies odor!

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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