Kim Kardashian's Naked W Cover

The bootyliscious Kim Kardashian bares it all for the world to see... again.

Kim Kardashian’s Naked W Cover

The bootyliscious Kim Kardashian bares it all for the world to see… again.

-Sarah Polonsky

Kim Kardashian

Celebuzz has obtained two photos of Kim Kardashian sans clothes and shimmering in some sort of silver spray paint for the October issue of W Magazine. Is it supposed to be the Kardashian take on a naked Wonder Woman Halloween costume?

It’s certainly bizarre that Kim should pose in her birthday suit only a month after 25 nude photos of her were released from a 2007 shoot she did with a popular men’s magazine causing her to “freak out.” In fact, she was “embarrassed that the photos were out there,” a source said in September.

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How is exposing your silver taters to the world via W Magazine any less humiliating? Just asking.

Check out the photos now at Celebuzz!

Sarah Polonsky is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian's Naked W Cover

  1. Kim is a brand so she has to “pretend” to be upset. I can probably place a bet and win that she is, in her private life, up to all kinds of sexy stuff. But, she is aware that any sexy pics can compromise her career. Even Julia Roberts has a body-double for steam scenes so she keeps her body for hubby and keeps her stock high.

    Interesting how a woman who is naked is perceived to have less or no value yet everyone craves it and a woman who has her clothes on is perceived to be most highly valued when no one wants it covered.

    The price of political correctness. No wardrobe malfunctions allowed else she is condemned to Dante’s inferno.

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