Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Deal Falls Through

Vivid Entertainment rejected the mystery buyer's offer for the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Alas!

Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Deal Falls Through

Vivid Entertainment rejected the mystery buyer’s offer for the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Alas!

-Lucia Peters

Kim K

Bad news, Kim Kardasahin: Not only are you officially the Most Annoying Celebrity Ever, but also, it looks like your sex tape won’t be taken out of circulation anytime soon. Over the weekend, news broke that the mystery buyer who had approached Vivid Entertainment about purchasing the rights to the tape offered $20 million—and was rejected. Ouch!

You’ll recall from Mean Betty’s musings on the matter that Vivid had been asking $30 million for the tape. The mystery buyer, however, offered $10 million less than that—which, though still a tidy sum, apparently wasn’t enough. Or at least, it wasn’t enough for a buyer who turned out not to be Kim herself.

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Vivid’s CEO, Steve Hirsch, told TMZ, “Although the offer that we ultimately received was substantial, when I realized it wasn’t Kim it became less appealing. Kim is a superstar and if it were to be sold, it should be to her.” Does anyone else find this somewhat perplexing? Because if I remember correctly, it was revealed several weeks ago that the mystery buyer was not, in fact, Kim. So why the cold feet now? Why didn’t Hirsch pull out (HA) of the deal immediately once it became clear that the buyer wasn’t Kim? Is it because Hirsch thought there might be a chance that even if the buyer wasn’t a member of the Humpdashian clan, he would still be able to get the full $30 million Vivid was asking for the tape? Strange indeed.

In any event, Hirsch went on to say that Vivid is “going to hang onto it… for now.” I can’t help but wonder to what that “for now” might be referring. Maybe he’s waiting for the Kardashians to come to their sense and buy it themselves. Maybe, though, he’s just waiting for an offer closer to his asking price. In which case, I have this to say: Really, Steve? $20 million is still a lot of money…

Poor Mean Betty—now she’ll never know why the mystery buyer wanted to obtain the tape!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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