Kim Kierkegaardashian + More: 12 Hilarious Celebrity Parody Twitter Accounts

From a philosophical version of Kim Kardashian to a fictional Mark Zuckerberg, we've rounded up some of the funniest celebrity parody Twitter accounts out there. Get ready to laugh
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Not Burt Reynolds

Not Burt Reynolds had some entertaining adventures during the Olympics. He’s also rather fond of his mustache. In fact, according to him, he INVENTED the mustache.

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5. Fake Michael Bay

Fake Michael Bay

Naturally, Fake Michael Bay’s Twitter involves a lot of explosions. We feel really bad for that poor Pomeranian.

6. Siri and John (Malkovich, that is)

Siri and John Malkovich

Remember that bizarrely hilarious iPhone commercial with John Malkovich from a few months ago? Perhaps unsurprisingly, someone created a Twitter account full of the things that John might ask of Siri. Just imagine what the movie Being John Malkovich would have been like had the iPhone been invented then….

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