Kristen Stewart DROPPED from Snow White Sequel?!

It's not because of her (lack of) acting skills that Kristen Stewart wasn't asked back.

Kristen Stewart DROPPED from Snow White Sequel?!

It’s not because of her (lack of) acting skills that Kristen Stewart wasn’t asked back.

-PJ Gach

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A bomb was dropped in Hollywood this morning! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kristen Stewart will not be asked back to the party that is known as the Snow White sequels. Lest you think it’s just because of the not-so-private canoodling she and her married Snow White director Rupert Sanders conducted whilst Stewart was living with Twilight co-star and (then?) boyfriend Robert Pattinson, it’s not — supposedlly. Apparently David Koepp, the screenwriter who was hired to continue the series, has been bought out and the series may morph into one that centers only on Chris Hemsworth’s character.

“The studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise,” a Universal spokeswoman told The Hollywood Reporter. It’s also not definite if Rupert Sanders will direct any of the other films in the (possible) franchise. Honestly, if they’re going to dump KStew, they should dump Rupert too.

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In the past we’ve seen the Wolverine spinoff series from X-Men, so the idea of of a Huntsmen series could work — although in the fairy tale he was killed by the Evil Queen. Best guess is that the writers will skip over that or make him into a medieval cyborg….just kidding about the last bit.

Bettys, this is getting out of hand. No, it’s not right that people cheat on each other, however, people do it every day. In Hollywood it could even be a higher percentage than the national average. But the thing is, this stuff that’s going on, it’s not work-related, it’s their personal life. And what people do in their personal life should stay private. You go to a movie because you enjoy an actor’s work.  When you’re sitting in the theatre are you really contemplating whether or not they’re faithful? Nope, you’re not.

Actors, when they’re working are often held up to criticism because of the work they do. When they’re not onscreen, they’re people. They’re not infallible, they’re not perfect, they’re people. And if you want to run around pinning a giant scarlet A on just the stars who cheat, I think you’ve got too much time on your hands.

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart DROPPED from Snow White Sequel?!

  1. Well in the non-Hollywood world, what happened between Kristen and Rupert can and does cost people their jobs. Particularly when it’s a boss/employee relationship. It’s frowned upon both when you’re the boss and when you’re the employee. So I’m not sure I agree with you completely on that one.

    But I will agree with you about is that actors do deserve to have some privacy and if you’re an actor with a female teenage fan base you can kiss that goodbye. Kristen hasn’t handled fame and the media well at all, both pre and post scandal. But the media and the public haven’t exactly handled her well either.

  2. She’s not that great of an actress in the first place. I think they cast her in this role because of how well Twilight did – which she was horrible in, but that often gets overlooked when movies rake in the money. So I’m sure they were counting on teens to come running to the theaters just because she was in it. As it states in the article above, this is looking to morph into Chris Hemsworth’s character, therefore she’d have no reason to be asked back.

    I do believe that paparazzi has gotten a bit out of hand, I think they do go way too far to get shots of celebrities and that should be stopped. Unfortunately, the American public loves knowing every little detail of stars lives’ and until the majority lose that interest, I don’t see this invasion stopping. On the other hand, this has been going on for YEARS, way before Kristen Stewart even started acting. So she KNEW the risk she was taking. To be a star nowadays you have to go into it eyes wide open realizing that your whole life is going to be on display. Now some stars have been able to keep their lives pretty private, so if others want to do that they should go take a lesson from them.

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