Kristen Stewart, It's Time to Stop Talking!

No one's raping you, KStew. So just shut up already.
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Kristen Stewart, It’s Time to Stop Talking!

No one’s raping you, KStew. So just shut up already.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart: You’ve made it perfectly clear that you like to keep your private life private. We understand that you love acting, and that you didn’t realize how much your life would change once you signed on to star in the Twilight saga, and we’re all a bunch of idiots for caring whether or not you and Robert Pattinson are an item. You hate the fame and the loss of privacy that came with it. We get it. It makes us roll our eyes, but we get it. But girl, you’ve gone WAY too far. Being famous is like being “raped”?

Um, no.

Stewart often discusses her disdain for fame, the press and paparazzi when she is interviewed, so it’s no surprise these topics came up in her cover story for July’s British Elle.

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“What you don’t see are the cameras shoved in my face and the bizarre intrusive questions being asked, or the people falling over themselves, screaming and taunting to get a reaction,” Stewart said.

This is true; we generally don’t see the chaos from her perspective. So far, this is pretty standard KStew fare.

“The photos are so… I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped,” she added. Say what? “A lot of the time I can’t handle it. It’s f***ed. I never expected that this would be my life.”

Excuse me? Being photographed by aggressive photographers is like being raped? I have no doubt that paparazzi photographers are intrusive, but at the end of the day, you can shut the door. You can roll up the windows. You have the power to cut them off, to remove yourself from the situation. When a woman is raped, she does not have that option.

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0 thoughts on “Kristen Stewart, It's Time to Stop Talking!

  1. I’m SO TIRED of the “being a star is such a pain in my butt” BS… She’s one of the worst complainers… If she’s so tired of it, get the f**k out of the business and step aside for more talented people. Jeeeeeeeeeeeez. That goes for ANY star who complains about it. Seriously. Shut up. There are tons of folks who would trade places with you in a HEARTBEAT. How about a little gratitude? Rude, rude, rude.

  2. Exactly… she should of used the word ‘violated, because that is what the paparazzi do – they violate your personal space. But using the ‘rape’ word was probably the worst idea she’s ever had, and I totally get why so many people are offended by that.

  3. she knows that paparazzis will be all up in her privacy cuz that’s what they do and yah she should show a little gratitude but also she was a person who wanted to trade lives with someone too when she was young and not famous but now she is famous and getting difficult for her and that’s probably how we’re going to be if we become famous you all are saying that she’s complaining to much and your getting sick of it when you don’t know what’s going on so really you all need to just SHUT UP.

  4. Maybe she will be among the few that will have to put with long lasting fame. I’m sure the paparazzi can be annoying. But… She can only hope that she may be among the many who fade into oblivion.

  5. I really try to give KStew the benefit of the doubt because I can relate to her shyness, but this is ridiculous. She really needs to be careful what she says, shes making it worse for herself.

  6. I work teaching school and make “peanuts”. There are days I feel violated, too, by the disrespectful behavior of my students.I could tolerate it much more easily if I made the money she makes.What a spoiled brat!

  7. Seriously… What did KStew expect when she started acting and hit it big??? Unless the girl was raised in a bubble and totally out of touch with the way the paps are with the stars and invading their space. The girl needs to either A. Quit bitching about it and go on with her life as best she can or B. Get out of the business, either way she needs to just hush

  8. I understand where many of you are coming from, but there is this…

    She’s not paid to pander to fans or to indulge paparazzi. Those are perhaps unwelcome additions to her life. So she loves acting and has been rewarded for it. Acting is a job trade like any other, how easy would it be for you to focus on your job if someone’s trying to sneak photos of you through your bedroom window and get gossip on you from friends and family. What’s to like about being a famous actress besides the love of acting and perhaps the money if you make good business decisions.

    Some people act like she’s owes the fans and the photographers anything they want. She doesn’t and I completely understand. Stating that being photographed was like being raped was an exaggeration, but we all knew what she meant. Rape is a term used fairly haphazardly these days. It is also defined as “an outrageous violation” which would correspond to Kristen’s expression.

    Who are these people whose star mania pays the paparazzi with their burning intention on living vicariously through the stars they are hung up on?

  9. Great Point! She needs a serious attitude adjustment and she should start counting her blessings rather than looking only at what’s tough. It’s part of the fame game. If it’s too hard, she is welcome to quit and get a job in the “real” world! Let’s see how long she would last there without complaining about the daily grind. She’d be looking for the photogs!

  10. Poor, poor Kristen Stewart! It is SUCH a hardship despite her Big Bucks movie contracts. If she hates it so much, get out of the business. It can’t be possible with growing up in L.A. in a family that knew the movie business, she could have been so clueless as to what can happen if you gain stardom. But if she goes away, it’s not like there won’t be someone to take her place, it’s sad but Hollywood will forget her in a matter of days.

  11. Give it a rest KStew!I love acting,and if the price to pay is to give away my private life,then fine!!
    Oh,and you should really go check our the word “rape” in the dictionary smart-*ss!!

  12. Give her a break! I would be freaking out if I were in her shoes. Magazine shoots, movies, Rob Pattinson’s GF, cameras in her face at anytime of the day or night! Kudos to you Kristen for not going crazy!! Love you!

  13. @Katrina64 um by the way,shes done everything BUT not go crazy!!she signed a contract to be cast member of twilight saga,so she kinda shoudda expected this!!and if its just not her cup of tea,she should just give it up!!
    Using the term “rape” is pretty offensive to some of us,so there!




  15. P.S I Absolutely Love Her. I Understand Her Comments. I Don’t Over Analyze them. I Get that She was Exaggerating to Express the Extreme Discomfort the I Paparazzi Put Her In. I Wish She Could Live Her Dream as a Actress (It’s Obviously What She Loves). And More Importantly She’s Young and She Just Wants to Have that First Serious Boyfriend etc. without having It Plastered Across Magazine! Billboards! Websites! and Yahoo’s Front Page! Kristen You’re Great and You Don’t Owe Anyone an Apology. People Everyday Make Exaggerated Comments and No One Cares. It’s Just Because People are Jealous that They Try to Tear You Apart and Bring You Down.

  16. Really? It’s a big deal to say that it’s like being raped with cameras up in your face? If I was a celebrity I’d be everywhere then for speaking my mind. The world is crazy with fame and choice of words, whatever happened to freedom of speech? Being famous shouldn’t have a certain extent, they’re the same people as everyone else. Spoiled brat too?, she does what she enjoys and works hard; the critics and fans have also taken the Saga way too far for it to become “reality” it’s just a story..I don’t know how you people can judge a person who’s just the same as we are. Worry about your own problems

  17. I totally understand were Kristen is coming from. We treat celebs like they are meat on an auction board! When they are just normal people! Yea they have been in movies and stuff but at the end of the day they go home. Take off there clothes just like the rest of us and go to bed. They just have different jobs. Its like the president, He comes to town and everyone mauls him like a food they cant get enough of. Lay off…We all human! Being chased by the press and shit I can believe that it is really bad! If any of us became famous over night it would be kinda a head trip for the first year but then it would get old and you would want people to leave you alone just like other celebs wish to be. If any actors or actress I saw on the street I might walk up and say hi but I wouldnt be the first to run up to them that is for sure! I would probably ask them how they are and tell them to have a great day! I bet KStew does not hear it very often. Instead she gets slammed by low life people who have not got a clue!

  18. I have been raped! And rape is usually done and then it is over – and you have to try to put back the pieces. While the paparazzi keep invading every aspect of your life – so that you cannot even walk down the street, without having cameras right in your face! They never let up – if it were an ordinary person doing this one could take that person to court and sue for stalking – but because the press has a pass it is a free-for-all. I doubt very much if there are that many people who could really put up with the horrible harassment. And people who are followed like this have breakdowns all the time! They go to see therapists and try to deal . . . but there is no let up . . . Just leave Kristen ALONE. Why is it so hard for anyone to do that? Would you really want half a dozen photographers camped out behind your garage . . . before you even leave in the morning? I don’t think so! Just because she is an actress never gives anyone license to invade her privacy.

  19. I have to say, it is going a bit far to say that, but in actuallity, do celebs really have the option to cut them off? It doesn’t seem to matter what a person says or does, the paparazzi just want to crowd in more. What if the person on the recieving end of this article was you? Would you want to be pestered like this? Would you want your mistakes and problems out for the world to see? Befre you go and say ‘I don’t care what people see, say and think about me, so i wouldn’t care…’ take a step back from that lie and really think about it. What would you say then?

  20. Honestly… get over it!! all of you. I’m sure you’ve said things that you didn’t mean in the literal sense- but it was how you felt. She’s human and allowed to have an opinion. And if you get it how she doesn’t like all of the attention. then stop putting all your attention on her

  21. Kristen Stewart is effing amazing and everyone who has a problem with that can seriously get a life! i bet every single person who said that “if she can’t handle it get out of the business” would probably go psycho cause someone’s at you door step or in your face asking questions and pissing you off! think about your deepest darkest secret… and imagine THAT being put out so everyone can know… stop judging and relax because one she’s not going anywhere and two it’s her life! and three stop taking that whole “rape” thing so seriously. it’s an expression and she was just describing how she feels sometimes! calm down!

  22. I’ll probably be the only one on here to defend her, but I’m going to do it anyway. Was her choice of words wrong? Absolutely. But she apologized. Let it go. I am one of the few people whose life is solid enough to the point that I don’t feel like celebs must answer to me, tell me all their personal business, give public apologies, tell me who they’re dating, etc. I think if we spent more time working on our own relationships and stop worrying about who celebs were dating, we’d all be happily married. Now I’m not a fan of watching Stewart be interviewed. I find her to be annoying and looking uncomfortable the entire time, specifically on Jimmy Kimmel and a couple other talk shows, especially Twilight Conventions. But she apologized. You don’t have to agree with her, but at least give her the respect she gave the public by apologizing instead of just saying “Whatever!” Grudges don’t hurt her, they hurt the rest of you all. Someday you’re going to have to let that comment go. On top of that, paparazzi is absolutely stalkerish. I see her point about feeling “violated.” Somebody should start writing entries about how they need to learn when it’s time to fall back.

  23. Okay, apparently I’m not the only one defending her. I read a few more comments defending her, like jk4bettynews. She makes a strong point about how a regular citizen could have someone arrested for stalking them like that, but celebrities just have to deal with it. There are some celebs who manage to stay out of the public light and who keep their relationships private (ex. Ice Cube, Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Sanaa Lathan, Regina King, Omar Epps). We don’t see them being harassed like that. I honestly wish they’d give tips to other celebs on how to get the paparazzi to leave them alone.

  24. i have such disdain for celebrities anymore- and I used to like KStew- but comparing fame to being raped is just HIDEOUS- I’m sure REAL victims of REAL rape would trade their heinous rape for her fame- er, I mean ‘rape’ anyday… IIILLLCH, I mean really- how reckless & obnoxious can you be?!

    I cannot STAND IT when celebrities bitch about fame & paparazzi- don’t they realize that it will n e v e r . g e t . s y m p a t h y from us mere mortals? NOBODY TOLD YOU YOU *HAD* TO GO INTO THE ONE INDUSTRY WHERE, IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO EVEN GET FAMOUS, WELL, YOU WILL BE PHOTOGRAPHED. Go be a hairdresser for christ’s sake. And not only did YOU choose to be an actor, but you also AUDITIONED for HOLLYWOOD roles in MAJOR FILM RELEASES(!?) Act on Broadway if you still simply MUST act but abhor fame so much- but don’t whine & cry then for everyone to “Pay attention to meeeeee! Take MY piiictuuuure!” when no one cares. Those with ambitions to be in the industry are THE most narcissistic people on the planet- they have such convictions about how special & magnificent they are, that they feel they simply MUST be seen by the world.

    And I’m sorry, but being paid such a DISGUSTING amount of money to… act(!) has GOT to come at a price, no? I mean, it’s gotta balance out somehow- these people get paid HUNDREDS of times more than “the guy” who INVENTED THE CURE FOR POLIO- saving, perhaps, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF LIVES in the process- did… and I’m willing to bet that the majority of people don’t even know that “that guy” was Dr. Jonas Salk – but I bet one thing they DO know is who KStew is… go figure

  25. Reading through the comments…hahaha….wow. So now the psychological issues & drug problems that many a celebritry suffer from can be attributed to … rape by paparazzi?! hahahahahahahahaha. Is it any wonder you’d defend such an irreverent statement then?

    The fact that these people had such a desire to be seen & heard by the world to begin with would suggest a pre-existing mental condition, most likely a personality disorder- one which was present long before anyone even cared enough to take their picture…and SURELY environment or the parents raising them (uh Dina & Michael Lohan anyone??) played no role in the decline of their mental state & subsequent drug abuse… no no no- it was all the paparazzi’s fault!

    ***And can I just say that I LOVE the fact that KStew made these statments… during her interview – she was being INTERVIEWED for her COVER STORY for Elle magazine!!! What an insufferable bitch. . .

    “Oh I just looooathe being photographed- it’s like looking at a rape victim”

    …says she, whilst being PHOTOGRAPHED for the COVER of a top-selling magazine, intended to be seen by millions & available on every newstand…ahahaha

    And since when does a RAPE VICTIM go somewhere with full knowledge that she will most definitely be raped if she goes?? And since when does being RAPED come with such exxtravagant benefits as, oh, millions of dollars, being loved & adored by people everywhere, getting VIP treatment (no waiting in lines- or, for that matter, no waiting in or for anything) or opulent parties & lavish ceremonies, which have no other purpose than to celebrate the supreme awesomeness of these, um, victims, and award them for the amazing fete of…acting- acting really well, no less, but…acting.

    Anyone going into show business today KNOWS ABOUT THE PAPARAZZI- if you do not want the fame & don’t want to pay the price of the paparazzi, whom come with the territory like it or not- they been there before you, & they’ll certainly be there after you- then DO NOT GO INTO SHOW BUSINESS- rape victims DO NOT HAVE SUCH FREEDOM OF CHOCE. MORON. It’s all very simple- If you can’t stand being around kids don’t work at a daycare…

    Of course the paparazzi are invasive, intrusive, rude… etc etc- and bugs are disgusting, hence. I’d never be an entomologist…

  26. Ok Ok so look, I have to agree with Kristen Stewart! If I were to complain or voice my opinion about anything, no one would give a shit because I am a nobody, but the fact that you all can sit here and talk sh** lets what she said be true. Its only because she is famous that she gets all these comments and harrasment. Even if you are in this business, if you ask someone to leave you alone maybe they should listen!! Its called respect. Maybe Rape(which I had happen to me BTW) wasnt the right word, but ok folks again if I had said that no one would have cared! I know I have said many things in my life that I had to appologize for and had to take back, and most all of you as well. We are not perfect. She said she was sorry, so get over it!!!!

  27. Shes not even a good actress. Stop whining just be thankful for some odd reason (and for budgeting reasons) Your lousy acting butt got a chance. Now go breath out your nose and try to be dramatic. BLAHHH I would like the twilight movies soooo much better WITHOUT her!!

  28. Stewart should not worry too much. I do like the Twilight movies but not because her acting made the movie. Truthfully, she’s never wowed me on any film so maybe her fame will be short lived. With any luck she will be unemployed in no time flat and everyone will leave her alone.

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