Lady Gaga Does Larry King Better Than Larry King

The singer's impression of the legendary interviewer was spot-on.

Lady Gaga Does Larry King Better Than Larry King

The singer’s impression of the legendary interviewer was spot-on.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is so deliciously bizarre that it’s impossible to know what she’ll do next, and her highly anticipated appearance on Larry King Live did not disappoint.

Gaga appeared via satellite, dressed as Larry King himself. She slicked back her hair to mirror King’s trademark hairstyle and dressed in a white oxford shirt with a tie and embellished suspenders, topped with a pair of King-style sunglasses. Even her body language seemed to reflect King’s: she sat hunched forward in her chair, and often positioned her shoulders squarely in the camera’s frame. As for King? He loved every minute of it.

The wild singer opened up about everything from her rumored battle with lupus (she said she’s tested “borderline positive” for the disease) to why she won’t wear sweatpants, even when she’s alone.

“I am show business,” Gaga said. “So much of what I do is hinged on show business, I believe so much in it. So many people ask me, ‘What do you dress like when you’re alone?’… ‘Do you ever just wear sweatpants?’ or whatever it is they say, and I’m thinking the concept of show business is lost.”

King also prompted the death-obsessed star to discuss her views on life after death:

“I believe I’ll go to heaven,” Gaga said, “But I suppose I could go either way, couldn’t I?”

For more on Gaga’s upbringing, her thoughts on Madonna, and the preview for “Alejandro,” check out the video below.

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s appearance on Larry King Live? (PopEater)

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  1. LOVE her. I love her fashion choices, and I love the fact that when she imitates people like this, she makes it clear that it is a tribute. She’s so clearing doing this for Larry, not to mock him.

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