Lancôme Model Daria Werbowy Loves Getting Naked!

This isn't the first time Ms. Werbowy has gone full-frontal.

Lancôme Model Daria Werbowy Loves Getting Naked!

This isn’t the first time Ms. Werbowy has gone full-frontal.

-Carolyn French

Daria Werbowy

The saucy cover image for French Vogue’s 2011 calendar will have men racing to the checkout stands, thanks to Lancôme model Daria Werbowy!

A stunning Louis Vuitton necklace and some satin sheets are the only items standing between Werbowy and the camera.

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What’s more, the calendar features twelve images of the model that are definitely NSFW.

Head on over to to check out the luscious pics for yourself. Just make sure you aren’t at your desk when you do so! (New York Magazine)

Carolyn French is an assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

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7 thoughts on “Lancôme Model Daria Werbowy Loves Getting Naked!

  1. ChattyCathy says:

    I wouldn’t have the courage to do that!

  2. Callina says:

    I respect her choices, but being beautiful should not necessarily lead to promoting nudity in magazines and newspapers.

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  4. Forte School says:

    Yes , I am agree with above 3 comments.

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  6. It is true that in the field of fashion, you may need to pose with bikini on and it is quite natural for the models to do so, but posing without any dress is not justifiable in any case.

  7. I have recently read in news paper that famous magazine playboy forced to stop the nude cover page. They became popular after including nude cover page photos of Hollywood celebrities. Majority of the people disagree to this trend.

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