Lay Off Jessica Simpson Already!

Why are we so obsessed with Jessica Simpson's body? Just let her get married in peace!

Lay Off Jessica Simpson Already!

Why are we so obsessed with Jessica Simpson’s body? Just let her get married in peace!

-Lucia Peters

Jessica Simpson

I’m really starting to feel bad for Jessica Simpson. First, there was all this speculation about whether she was getting a breast reduction in preparation for her wedding to Eric Johnson. THEN there were rumors that she was calling off the wedding entirely. NOW people are convinced that not only is she calling off the wedding, but that she’s calling it off because she’s pregnant—while others insist that she’s NOT pregnant, but just gaining a whole lot of weight instead. None of this has been substantiated, and yet the rumors keep coming. To which I now say: Good grief, leave the girl alone and let her get married in peace!

Seriously. Why are we so obsessed with the state of Jessica Simpson’s body? Every day, new rumors abound about what may or may not be happening with her, and every so often, it hits me: What must it be like to live with this level of scrutiny focused solely on your appearance? It must be horrifying. All she wants to do is get married to the man she loves, and yet all of this other junk—over which, it should be noted, she has little to no control—keeps getting in the way. A phrase pertaining to short ends and sticks comes to mind.

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Now, I realize that by making her career in the entertainment business, she has made herself a public figure. But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t allowed to have a private life, especially when it comes to something as intimate as getting married. Maybe I would feel differently if Jessica was purposefully making her impending nuptials a big, huge, public deal—like, say, Kim Kardashian. And yes, I will admit she’s been there and done that with Nick Lachey and Newlyweds. But she seems to have learned from that whole experience, and this time around, she’s mostly been keeping things on the down low. It’s everyone ELSE that keeps trying to make it into a public affair, and frankly, that kind of sucks for her.

So what if she’s pregnant? So what if she’s gaining weight? Does it really matter in the big scheme of things? No. The world will not end because Jessica Simpson had a child out of wedlock. Neither will it end if she gains a couple of pounds. And ultimately, it’s not really any of our business, either. Would YOU want everyone around you constantly dissecting every aspect of your body while you were in the middle of trying to plan your wedding? Didn’t think so. And Jessica probably doesn’t, either. So why not just drop the bullshit and let her have a drama-free wedding? You’ll survive without her. I promise.

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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