Leave Kendra Wilkinson Alone!

Hugh Hefner's ex doesn't deserve all the flak she's taking for selling her sex tapes.
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Leave Kendra Wilkinson Alone!

Hugh Hefner’s ex doesn’t deserve all the flak she’s taking for selling her sex tapes.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

  Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson is best known for being one of Playboy king Hugh Hefner’s live-in “girlfriends” — a barely-legal token tomboy known for her goofy laugh and penchant for flashing everyone and everything in sight. Now married with her very own newborn and her very own E! reality show, Kendra is currently making headlines for profiting from her very own sex tape. She’s catching a lot of flak for this moneymaking move, but I don’t think she deserves it! Everyone just needs to lay off Kendra – and here’s why.

It’s not entirely shocking that a woman who built her career on selling nude photos of herself would try to sell a few videos as well, as Kendra allegedly did back in 2008. That deal, however, fell apart, because Kendra needed Hef’s approval to distribute the videos on her own. Then she got her own show, fell in love with superstar football player Hank Baskett III and started to break away from the Playboy brand. It seemed that Kendra’s barest days were behind her (unless, of course, you’re her in-laws, who received an issue of Playboy starring Kendra as a gift). Add to that a new baby boy, and Kendra became just another fun family gal in Hollywood, struggling to balance her public life and her new family. It seemed sex tapes were a thing of the past.

Then, Kendra’s ex, Mixed Martial Arts fighter Justin Frye, decided to sell some naughty home videos he and barely-legal Kendra made a few years ago. Multiple videos of Kendra’s nude romps were up for grabs, but, reportedly, the new mom wasn’t too keen on having those tapes hit the market. Even though many people thought her “dismay” was faked, I say it’s easy to understand why Kendra would want to leave the past behind as she reinvents herself.

However, once her ex-boyfriend tried to sell those tapes without Kendra’s approval or involvement, she had two options: sit back and let someone else rake in all that cash, or get in on the action herself. It seems Kendra has chosen the latter, and I say more power to her.

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0 thoughts on “Leave Kendra Wilkinson Alone!

  1. Ugh, the whole thing is still so gross. I can’t believe she’s making all that money for some stupid mistake. If only the rest of us profit from our mistakes.

  2. I still think this is going to be hard for her son to live down. And really — couldn’t she have stopped the sale of the videos? How can it be legal to release a sex tape of someone who doesn’t consent???

  3. By the time her son is old enough to understand what happened, this will all be old news. All she’ll have to say is “Mom did some stupid things when she was younger, but they bought you this BMW. Happy Birthday.”

  4. @Fashionista: too true! I felt bad for her at first, I’m sure she didn’t want anyone to see those things. Now…well, good for her! I hope she puts that cash to good use.

  5. Did anyone see the previews for the next episode of Kendra? She is crying over it and her and Hank get in to a huge fight. There’s no way it doesn’t have an affect on their relationship.

  6. OR – you could buy the rites to the sex tapes and bury them forevermore – but no – let’s make money off of our questionable taste – her son will be so proud –

  7. I like Kendra and she can do what she wants but just because you can get money from something doesn’t make it ok. Have Americans in general forgot about integrity? I guess money really is that important for some people…

  8. everyone better leave my kendra alone, she’s doing what she wants to do, all u haters….she has to deal with this no one but her and her family, and her son is going to be proud of her…luck to u and your family kendra

  9. While she was stupid to make the Sex tapes in the first place. I have always liked and watched Kendra, so I am with you all the way on this one Betty.

  10. @Kitty Even if she didn’t make the tapes, her son still would be living with the fact that his mom is an ex-playboy model….I can just imagine the jokes and comments his friends will make when they are teenagers. In the scheme of things, the tape doesn’t make much of a difference.

  11. It’s something that happened in her past, yes her past. she is in the public eye and there are going to be things said about her actions. I’m not sure if it was made for her eyes only, but that is her business. I think this to shall pass

  12. I agree that you need to leave Kendra alone. Love Kendra, Hank III and Hank IV. Baby is so cute. Everyone makes mistakes and is entitled to do so. Ex’s are jerks all the way around. Let it pass and why should he have the opportunity to profit from this. He’s a pig, like most. These are hers alone. People make too much of things. If they would let it go it will die down.

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