Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey of Uh Huh Her Perform for Breast Cancer Awareness

Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey are on a special tour with Keep a Breast Foundation to help beat breast cancer for good.
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Leisha Hailey

We know your experience with Southwest was far from positive. Do you have any final thoughts on the situation?

Camila Grey: We did receive a refund for our tickets, but the airline hasn’t offered an official apology. And you know, while I’d like to believe this was an isolated incident, there have been more and more stories popping up about gays and lesbians being discriminated against by certain companies. The silver lining in our experience is that people have been coming forward and speaking up about incidents like these.

Leisha Hailey: We’d just like to move on from the whole thing. Unfortunately, one homophobic stewardess tried to speak for the entire airline and it’s such a shame that homophobia is still out there.

You’ve been performing to raise awareness for preventative measures against breast cancer. Have either of you been personally affected by breast cancer?

CG: Both of my grandmothers are actually breast cancer survivors. They both had mastectomies in the 1980s. I was definitely inspired by them to try and reach out to young people and help educate them on what they can do to take care of themselves.

LH: Especially since the focus is usually on what people do when they have breast cancer. Survivor stories are so important, but we also need to focus on prevention and lifestyle choices.

CG: Young women need to know about being healthy, and this organization does it in a cool way– it’s not textbook. Women should get tested and I think it’s definitely promoting that message in a creative and new way.

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For fans who weren’t able to score tickets to your performance, how is your new album different from your previous work?

LH: Our new work is definitely more rock driven. Before, we were more electro pop focused. This new music is more organic rock. We were really inspired by Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

CG: Yeah, there are lots of drums –it’s pretty epic.

How would you describe your personal style –has it evolved over the years?

LH: We both shop a lot of vintage, and that really hasn’t changed. I go for pieces that are interesting and make me feel comfortable. I guess I don’t have a set style, but if I had to pick I favorite designer it would be Miu Miu.

CG: Alexander McQueen clothes and Marc Jacobs jewelry for me!

We know you’ve toured the country, but what do you like most about New York?

CG: We love New York in general– people have such an appreciation for music here!

LH: And the after parties are pretty great, too.

You both look so confident on stage; have you had any slipups or embarrassing moments recently?

CG: I’m the clumsy one. I’m actually really, really clumsy. The last show, I dropped my ear pack in the toilet. They’re really expensive, so I ended up drying it out. I still use it. Also, there was this show in London where I wore two different heels. I didn’t even realize it until I got on stage! I was standing there in two different colored shoes and heels were different heights, too!


Through merchandise and ticket sales, auctions featuring breast cast artwork, and donations, the Keep a Breast Foundation raises much-needed funds to spread the message of prevention. If you’re interested in participating in the fight for women’s health, you can purchase merchandise to support the organization’s work or throw a small party of your own to raise cash and connect with your peers. For more information, visit the Keep a Breast Foundation’s Program page.

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