Let's Compare: Snooki vs. Lindsay Lohan

Are the two drama queens really all that similar?
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Let’s Compare: Snooki vs. Lindsay Lohan

Are the two drama queens really all that similar?

-Faye Brennan

Snooki vs. Lindsay Lohan

On Wednesday, New Jersey Judge Damian G. Murray fined Snooki $500 and community service for being a drunk mess in Seaside Heights on July 30. Murray scolded the pint-sized Jersey Shore star, calling her a “Lindsay Lohan wannabe.”

Of course, Camp Lindsay got their panties in a bunch over the statement, with LiLo’s lawyer saying the comment was “unprofessional,” and Dina Lohan revealing she was “disappointed” the comparison was made.

But, in all honesty, Snooks and LiLo have a lot in common. Let’s take a look:

1. They both love wearing black to their court appearances.

Snooki and LiLo court appearances

2. They both look extremely annoyed and disinterested while a judge seals their fate.

Snooki and Lilo in court

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0 thoughts on “Let's Compare: Snooki vs. Lindsay Lohan

  1. Lindsay is a talented actress and still young. I hope she stays off the drugs, stays healthy and gets her act together including career back. Her public comments tend to indicate she doesn’t fully appreciate what she did wrong or where she went wrong so I’m not overly hopeful, but she is a nice smart girl so I wish her the best.

  2. They are both pathetic excuses for human beings. Spoiled by money and ill fated fame. They should be totally ignored and left to beg for food like those who are poor and have had much less opportunity to progress in our society. Snookie is just a pig in black and Lindsey doesn’t what it takes to pull what could been a good life out of the sewer. Her Mom is a complete waste too… No wonder Lindsey turned out so pathetically.

  3. Someone needs to sit Snooki down and read her the real facts of life, which are that people — i.e. MTV and the media in general — are all taking advantage of her by publicizing her foibles to make money for themselves. I feel the same way about the judge who sentenced her. To me, it seems he was more interested in getting press for himself for his “you’re a Lindsay Lohan wannabe” than rehabilitating Snooki. That’s what I wrote about at http://www.parade.com/celebrity/hollywood-wire/2010/09/10/snooki-fined-500-dollars-plus-community-service.html

  4. YES! THEY ARE THE SAME! Many will probably take Snooki’s side, saying that she probably isn’t as bad. But Snooki is as bad! She drinks as much, she smokes as much, she hooks up as much, you name it, she does it AS MUCH! Just because she’s small and acts cute sometimes, does not substitute for good behavior!

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