The Life of a Returned Soldier

this is a soldier's story about returing home and being reduced to a "zero"


The Life of a Returned Soldier

When a hero returns home to find he’s been reduced to a zero

-Fredrick Bain, Divine Caroline

baby feetI do not know who will read this, but here is my story. My name is Fredrick, but I go by Earl. It all started out with me leaving my wife and two daughters back in October of 2005. My unit went to Texas to train to go to war in February of 2006. In late February, early March, my wife at the time decided to tell me that she had decided to become both bi and a swinger. Needless to say, it hit me hard. Here I was, thousands of miles away from anything I had ever known, not knowing what day, hour, or minute I might die, and then that.

For the next eleven months, I fought for my country, going through things and seeing things I pray to God I hope no one ever has to see or deal with, while on top of that all my wife is having fun with her “awesome new life.” Our daughters were at my mother’s almost the entire time I was gone. To be honest with you all, it almost killed me. I was gone nineteen months total and when I finally came home, I divorced her and took custody of my daughters. I wont lie to you all – I had so many problems. Here I found myself not only trying to finally “come home,” but to be alone and to be a single father of two beautiful little girls. Only a soldier could ask for such hardship. But through this all, my ex-wife has made mine and my daughters’ lives terrible. Twice before she has gotten them for a weekend visit only to refuse to give them back, and has had me served with restraining orders. Both times we went to court, the judge threw them out for being totally bogus, but now she has my oldest daughter saying I, her own father who went through hell itself to come back, has abused her.

God the pain of it all is more then all the pain I have ever felt. I’ve not seen or been able to talk to my girls in more then two months now. I survived hell for them, thought of nothing else but them, and now I am alone … why would she do this? Why hurt me more then she has already? I survived the war for them, only to have them taken by the very people I fought for. What is justice? What is fair anymore?

There is far more to my story, but this is all I am able to type for now. The pain is too much, but feel free to contact me at

If you read this, thank you. If you see a soldier, honor him – you don’t have to give him or her anything. Just honor them; you never know what they went through, and God willing, you never will… is a website where sophisticated women like you can read and contribute stories, reviews, and forums. Please visit our vibrant community soon.

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