Liking 'Star Wars' Doesn't Make You a Geek: 10 Celebrity Geek Poseurs

Lots of celebs these days are claiming to be geek. But are they really, or are they just poseurs?
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6. Kristen Stewart


KStew likes to refer to herself as a “big dork,” but her defining characteristic for that seems to be based around the fact that she likes to watch the Food Network. Her friends apparently tease her for this, but I would argue that that’s more a judgment about her friends than about herself.

7. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Yes, she played Sue Storm in The Fantastic Four. No, she is not actually Sue Storm. Also, did that piece of casting confuse anyone else as much as it did me? Anyway, Jessica Alba’s definition of “dork” is that she’s “goofy” and “likes to just wear sweats and hang out with friends.” Most people, however, just call that day-to-day life.

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8. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Paris apparently likes gadgets, but something tells me that this is more because they’re a status symbol than anything else. Sure, she may have messed around with Lindsay Lohan’s voicemail once, but she had SpoofCard to help her out with that. Lisbeth Salander? Not so much.

9. Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn

Okay, I’ll admit that Olivia Munn is kind of borderline. Lots of people consider the Attack of the Show! star to be the hottest nerd ever. Many others, however, are not convinced (these are the people who are usually hardcore Felicia Day supporters). She may be willing to don a Slave Leia gold bikini every now and again, but I still can’t shake the feeling that G4 just hired her as a pretty face. Maybe I just haven’t warmed up to her because I didn’t find her at all funny on The Daily Show.

10. Keri Russell

Keri Russell

Like Anne Hathaway, I actually quite like Keri Russell; she’s come a long way since Felicity (Waitress, anyone?). I am, however, still trying to work out exactly how liking to keep everything organized and going to bed early classifies someone as a modern-day nerd. She’s said that she’s “the opposite of cool,” and that’s fine; but that’s really just being uncool more than anything else. Not that there’s anything wrong with being uncool (many uncool things are so uncool that they come right back around to being cool, like scooters and Neil Patrick Harris), but you get what I mean.

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