Lindsay, Britney, Miley: Is It Mom's Fault?

Yes, starlets like Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus are out of control, but parenting may not be to blame.
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Lindsay, Britney, Miley: Is It Mom’s Fault?

Guest blogger Mommy Q on today’s out-of-control starlets … parenting may not be to blame.

-Cathy Hale, MommyQ

Miley Cyrus

Lindsay Lohan‘s sad pictures are splashed all over the Internet these days. She’s no longer the vibrant, talented red-headed little starlet we met many years ago. It’s hard to believe the stark contrast between her glory days in Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap in 1998 and her current role as an inmate, serving time for probation violation. Ouch. As a mother, I feel incredibly sorry for her. Like Britney Spears, her life just spun out of control. Nobody can give Lindsay something to hold on to. She just seems to be sinking deeper and deeper into a scary life of confusion and despair. And Miley Cyrus seems to be headed for the same rough waters.

This is nothing new when it comes to young Hollywood. The question at hand is: Who is responsible when young stars screw up? Parents should still be playing a big role in the lives of these girls. Is it mom’s fault?

Earlier this week former teen pop sensation Debbie Gibson was interviewed on a Fox News show about Lohan’s current debacle. As opposed to what’s been said about Lohan’s mother, Dina, Gibson credited her mother keeping her on the right path. She said her emotional well-being was always a top priority in her family.

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“Growing up, there’s this weird thing when you start as a child actor or teen star that you’re constantly getting praised for being poised and together so you can tend to mask a lot of emotional stuff and at some point, the lid’s going to blow off the pot,” Gibson said. “I went through all that. Luckily, I didn’t go through by way of drugs, alcohol or public meltdowns…I had my meltdowns in private, in a therapist’s office.”

Gibson goes on to say, “Luckily, my mom managed me and she always said ‘I want a sane, happy, healthy daughter who goes on to have a normal personal life and kids if you want, and I don’t want you to be exhausted and burnt out by 25.’”

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0 thoughts on “Lindsay, Britney, Miley: Is It Mom's Fault?

  1. There’s a huge difference between a mom and a manager, and it’s a shame that parents like Lohan’s looked at her as a meal ticket and not a person.

  2. Yes moms — and dads! — are at fault! The difference between someone like LiLo and someone like, say, Natalie Portman, is clearly good parenting.

    Now, that being said — at a certain point it’s time to accept responsibility for one’s life and grow up!

  3. This is absolutely the parents fault! Take these examples: Britney, Miley and Lindsay all have parents who LOVE the limelight. Instead of being parents, they’re busy riding their daughters’ coattails. Growing up in the spotlight is hard enough without your parents competing with you.

  4. It is the parents’ fault. Yes, there are good people who have bad kids, but that’s a whole other issue. Sometimes problems are inborn.That isn’t the case here.

  5. LL mom should be put behind BARS for real! That Bit(h if a JERK! she’s NO where around while her daughter is spiraling out of contorl! she’s living off of her daugther… I guess she would rather LL be on drug.. to keep the attention off of her ass robbing LL money/career.

  6. While clearly these girls needed a stronger responsible adult presence in their lives, I wonder why the focus is always on the mothers being bad parents. What about the fathers? Why do fathers get off so easily in most discussions about raising children?

  7. I have to question where are the fathers in all of this? Fathers have more of a role play than people want to think. They help shape the children as well. Don’t get me wrong, mothers play a very big role, but the fathers do too. I think that in these cases it was the parents wanting to be Best Friends instead of parents and not wanting to be the bad person especially while their children are in the spotlight. But I would rather look like a bad person for punishing my child than to look bad for not trying to correct the problem in the first place. But at some point the parents have to stop being blamed. Like in the case of Lindsey. She is an adult, it’s not like she hasn’t seen other people this way, she could have changed her ways and gotten the help that she needed and avoided all of this. she is an adult now, at some point the parents have to stop being blamed.

  8. While Miley has opted for a more risque image, she isn’t falling down drunk or getting into trouble off stage. And the risque image is somewhat par for the course with pop music these days. Maybe it will turn out Miley is going down that path, but I think it is very premature to make that judgment. With respect to the other 2 ladies, it’s well documented that both LiLos parents are lousy parents, and Britney’s mom is simply not the sharpest knife in the drawer and gave too much leeway. But if you recall, Britney kicked her mom out of her life right before she went off the edge and for those asking where the fathers are, it was Britney’s father who set her back on the right path.

  9. The parents, plural, are responsible for these 3 girls. Well, I’d only condone one’s parenting skills, and that’s Britney’s father, just based on what appeared to be him taking care of her during her low point with the shaved head and drug ordeal. LL’s parents are both stage whore whack jobs, and we’ve all seen the creepy pics Billy Ray took with a teenage Miley. I don’t insinuate anything weird, more that they’re willing to basically pimp out their daughter(s) for attention. It’s repugnant and in these cases, yes the parents are to blame. It’s damn sad.

  10. I think these raving beauty starlets probably have an ego problem, are in denial and refuse to seek counseling when they already know things are going astray and they definately should not take each others advice.Let’s forget the “blame it on mom crap” as they have brains and the power of reasoning to point in the right direction,I hope,

  11. I would also like to add that when they had counseling they failed to follow up on the program and the directors aftercare instructions.This slipped my mind at 9:19 pm. There is no excuse therefore for not following court orders while on probation.If necessary, “GET HELP” through the right people when you feel a relapse comming on. It’s part of the program for alcohol and drug abuse, which is a symptom of the problem.

  12. I don’t blame parents as much as I blame peer pressure! There are lots of teenagers and young adults in the same boat as Brittney, Lilo, and now miley! Just because they are not famous they are not getting the public eye like these three are!Sometimes its rough neighborhoods, peer pressure, nothing to do, or maybe they loss the high they get from performing and went to something else that gave them a high! Since It couldnt be found performing or anything physical they do. So they chose to give into peer pressure and do the drugs and alcohol and then they got the rush they needed. Parents can do so much but when kids started to see rough patterns instead of the parents sending them to counseling for help the stopped the parenting and lay on the negative criticism. My brother was the one in my family that went down hill and my parents were there to pull him of it though! But it took along time for them to realize he had a problem until it was if you dont straighten up then you could be in the big house or even dead! Then he got counseling and is now a productive part of society! They need counseling and help instead of all the negative criticism. We are just going to drive them further into the low that they have hit instead of doing all we can!

  13. These three girls aren’t doing anything that non-famous girls their age are doing. The only difference is that they are being watched constantly and then discovered by the public. I am a grown woman with a toddler but when I was a teenager I was a hot mess. But with time, I grew out of my slutty clothes(figuratively and literally) and a fast paced lifestyle. Now that I’m older, I see my nieces and nephews going through the trials of young adulthood. One is in a great college studying corporate law and he is struggling with an addiction to pain killers and gambling. His parents are well to do, in a good marriage, and highly concerned but the problem is that WE make our OWN choices, as do our children. None of us are perfect parents-we’d all change something we’ve done, I’m sure. But we try to impart our values and send them out into the world and hopefully they do well. Not all of us make it in life. Not just the poor but the successful. I can’t imagine parenting a child star and the difficulties that would bring. There is no,”What to Expect When Raising a Star”. One thing I agree with most is that Lyndsey’s dad is an ass and needs to shut his mouth. For Pete’s sake he makes me want a drink. As for Dina, I feel for her. What do you do when your daughter is an addict? I mean really-what would you do if your adult child can go anywhere and do anything? How do you stop that? I have seen how fiercely she tries to protect her girls from slander and paparazzi. I assume that she goes wherever Lindsey goes to try (as best she can) to keep an eye on her. I don’t understand why people assume the worst of her.

  14. who cares? the media play up their problems anyway, and it’s not like they are any worse, and often MUCH better off emotionally and financially than people with “bad” parents who aren’t famous. think about that…

  15. I am with Catcha & Blk+Hzl. These girls are going through the motions and at the same time their lives are not their own with the cameras and eyes all over them. they have tough roles to play and they are all so young. Miley is dressing no more provocative than Madonna in the 80’s and she wasn’t much older… An that was 25 years ago. Parent your own kids, hey wait, I think I said that in an earlier post!

  16. YES, bad parenting is a major factor. But at some point, they have to take responsibility for their own actions. They are adults or nearly so (Miley). There’s something I learned through therapy & these are my words, not anyone else’s: “You can blame your parents for how it started, but how it ends is up to you.”

  17. I think the fame, money and over focus on looks is not good for anyone. It is sad that for whatever reason these young girls did not have the support or strength to realize what is important in life. Would have been nice for them to have strong parent advocates…

  18. In the end, each us us is resposible for how we handle ourselves and the choices we make in life. Parenting only goes so far. These kids have to learn to take responsibility and deal with the consequences of their behavior – the good, the bad, and the ugly! Mommy and daddy aren’t going to be around forever to bail them out. I’ve known kids from hellish homes who have become stellar individuals. I’ve also known children from wonderful families who have turned their lives (and the lives of everyone around them) into a nightmare. As you said – go figure! At the end of the day, who really knows what factors come into play to ultimately create a child’s personality and demeanor – positive or not-so-much?!?

  19. Im not much of a fan of Miley but I dont think its quite fair to compare her to Britt and LiLo yet. She hasnt done anything but grow up and change her wardrobe.

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