Lindsay Lohan: Bravo Used Me!

The sometimes actress gets all riledup about her cameo on Bravo's 'Double Exposure.'

Lindsay Lohan: Bravo Used Me!

The sometimes actress gets all riledup about her cameo on Bravo’s ‘Double Exposure’.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Lindsay Lohan

Once upon a time, Lindsay Lohan was a charming, promising young actress. Now, our little Lindsay has grown into a SCRAM anklet-wearing Twitter addict who can’t seem to take responsibility for her actions. Her latest indignant claim? That producers on the Bravo show Double Exposure set her up to make her look bad. Ok, Lindsay, convince us!

“This couldn’t be more UNTRUE- Sucks when “friends” use you(in this case for ratings) even if they’re lying #karma,” Lindsay tweeted with the following image for illustration:

Lindsay Lohan's Twitpic

Apparently in this episode of Double Exposure, Lindsay was booked for a photo shoot with the show’s stars, photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani, but showed up 11 hours late, claiming she overslept. Bravo cameras caught the whole thing, but Linds claims she was set up.

“As for BRAVO and their false representation of me on their new show; I was given the wrong call time-now I know on purpose…it was a set-up,” Lindsay added. “Unfortunate that I considered Jorge on the show a friend to trust…oh- and I’ve never come close to anything other than posing in a photo..I don’t appreciate being used for press, and I’m sure others would agree! Love to everyone.”

We’re not buying Lindsay’s story, and apparently we’re not the only ones – LA-based publicist John Genovese tweeted his own response to Lindsay’s defensive rant:

“Lindsay says Bravo show purposely gave her the wrong call time. Yet forgets she was texting ‘On my way’ for 11 hours 2 everyone!” he said.

Lindsay might want to step away from Twitter for a while – or at least buy an alarm clock.

Tell us: Do you think Lindsay is telling the truth? (Huffington Post)

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  1. she needs to give up she brought all this to herself and this wouldn’t be happening to her if she didn’t make so many bad mistakes so just tell the truth and and go away she has no career anymore!

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