Lindsay Lohan Can Make You Healthier! Betty's Weekly Diet/Fitness Dish

Plus: Ashley Greene's fast-food workout-and more!
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Lindsay Lohan Can Make You Healthier! Betty’s Weekly Diet/Fitness Dish

Plus: Ashley Greene’s fast-food workout—and more!

-Jane Farrell

Lindsay Lohan

Each week Betty scours the web to bring you the best/latest/craziest health, diet and fitness news. Here’s what’s been going on for the past few days:

See? We knew gossip was a good thing!
Far from being meaningless fluff (which is OK with us, by the way) stories about celebrities and their health problems may have a positive effect: making readers more aware of their own health behaviors and the possible need to change them. Amanda Hinnant, assistant professor of magazine journalism at the University of Missouri, Columbia, has written a research paper with Elizabeth Hendrickson, journalism professor at the University of Tennessee, that documents how readers “take celebrity health behaviors seriously.” As a result of reading a story about a star’s problem—like postpartum depression or addiction—people are likely to try to do something about their own condition even before talking to friends or family. That behavior is in marked contrast to the reaction of people who read a non-celebrity health news story; they’re likelier to consult friends and family. The bottom line, Hinnant says: Celebrity health issues are important, since they publicize information about a subject—and enable readers to face that subject themselves. (University of Missouri News Bureau)

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