Lindsay Lohan Gets a Visitor!

Two, in fact - Dina and Ali Lohan showed up to check in on Lilo.

Lindsay Lohan Gets a Visitor!

Two, in fact – Dina and Ali Lohan showed up to check in on Lilo.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Lindsay Lohan

According to People, Dina and Ali Lohan checked in on Lindsay at the Century Regional Detention Facility yesterday. Dina, shockingly, hasn’t commented on Lindsay’s ordeal since before Lindsay turned herself in – it feels like it’s been years since Dina has dished about her daughter!

Though it’s not clear whether the family got a chance to catch up, sources got a few updates on Lindsay’s condition.

“[Lindsay has] slept soundly for most of her time in custody,” an insider told People, adding that she’s been eating well and been very “cooperative.”

Lindsay will likely be released in less than two weeks, because California prisons are too crowded to hold nonviolent offenders. Hopefully those two weeks will be enough to help Lindsay straighten herself out. (People)

Tell us: Do you think prison will be good for Lindsay?

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0 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Gets a Visitor!

  1. Gee, no press conference from the Momager on the steps of the jail, claiming she’s a stellar mom and it’s everyone else’s fault Lilo’s in jail??

  2. I understand that Willie Nelson has reached out to Lindsay offering her a role in his upcoming movie – might not be the right crowd of people for her to be hanging out with right after getting out of jail though – as for her parents – they have learned nothing – they showed up to impress the media and to appear as though they have her best interests at heart – she is sleeping soundly because whe was permitted to keep her ambient prescription, and her eating habits have been really good – probably eating more than she has in quite a while – and yes, I think jail is very good for her – would have been better for her parents, and if the battery charges against her father stick, I may get half of my wish at least – still would rather see her in a REAL rehab – not a spa for the media to scope her out, but an actual rehab, but for now prison will do – good luck Lindsay –

  3. I dont think this short stint in jail will help LiLo. Neither will rehab. She’s already done the rehab thing a few times before & nothing changed. She just thinks she can get away with anything.

  4. she’s done a few stints in a celebrity spa rehab – she needs the real deal, not some media performance – and yes, she probably does think she is entitled, but consider how she was raised – and used – by her parents – she needs to unlearn that mindset and then learn to stand on her own for herself – not her media addicted parents, the press, or anyone else who is making money off of her – just for herself – I think there is a good person inside her somewhere – I just hope someone finds her and gets her out before she disappears forever –

  5. The whole “overcrowded” thing never makes any sense to me. Why don’t they just incarcerate the “overflow” in a prison that is NOT overcrowded?
    When I look for accommodations, I look for a VACANCY sign; not a filled to capacity sign.
    Once again, the justice system and all those pretending to help Lindsay have failed her. How does this little glimpse into “prison life” rehabilitate her?

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