Love Being A Member of The Itty BittyTitty Committee

Let's hear it for the tatas of all sizes -- gorgeous and busty, sexy and petite! The New York Times explores small-breast love.

Love Being A Member of The Itty Bitty Titty Committee?

Let’s hear it for the tatas of all sizes — gorgeous and busty, sexy and petite!

-PJ Gach

Keira Knightley

Heidi Montag wasn’t happy with her teeny A cup — so she went overboard and  now look at her. Not only are her boobs bigger than her head, she’s talking about reducing them.

It’s commonly thought that if you’re an A (or heaven forbit, an AA or even a AAA) cup, you want bigger breasts. The male fantasy of humongous waa-waas brainwashed countless women, who felt that if they weren’t a C cup or bigger, they weren’t womanly enough. How many of your friends got boob jobs as a Sweet 16 or graduation present? Lots, I bet!

Well, guess what?According to The New York Times, those days of big-boob envy are on their way out. More and more women are reveling in their A cup or smaller sizes. There are even websites that celebrate small breasts, like SmallBustBigHeart which has quite a, er,  large readership.

And now, points out The Times, thanks to lingerie makers like Lula Lu, small breasted women can find gorgeous, sexy embroidered bras to flaunt their stuff in. It’s not all about padding and “cutlets” any more! (Amen.)

Keira Knightley, the current poster girl for sexy small cupped ladies, appears to be thrilled to be small breasted and even chastised the Chanel people for airbrushing in cleavage for her fragrance print ads for them.

As for me, I used to fervently wish my A-cups would grow overnight. Now, I love them. Not only can I go braless if I want to, I can wear any neckline and feel sexy.

How do you feel about your boobs? If you’re an A or smaller, do you love them, or want to trade them in for a bigger model?

PJ Gach is the Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at Betty Confidential.

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0 thoughts on “Love Being A Member of The Itty BittyTitty Committee

  1. I have huge knockers and I’d love to be petite and perky. To be able to wear an extremely lowcut top and have it look classy, not trashy? That sounds like fun to me!

  2. I used to be a D cup, had reduction surgery and now I’m a B. Did it about 5 years ago and I wish I had done it years before that! Best thing I ever did for myself

  3. I’m an A, and sometimes I get jealous of how my fellow B and C-ers look in bikini tops…but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t trade my As!! Yay small tatas!

  4. i had a back & forth about this very subject actually with a friend of mine that has HUGE “tits” & over 10,000+ followers on Twitter, she was saying that people with little “boobs” should not wear the infamous wrap dress that was made famous by Dianne Von Furstenberg…i responded with “i disagree”, & “that it has been rock n roll for years to wear the wrap dress w/a “lil breast” & no bra “& “i am VERY VERY proud to be the president of the “itty bitty titty committee”…i don’t think she took the rebelliousness against her comment on a forum that she had over 10,000+ followers(i proudly have 200+, lol!)cause she told me to take my “lil bumps” & go sit down somewhere, lol! am i still following her? u ask, yes i am, remember i considered myself the president of the “itty bitty titty committee” & a leader MUST go down w/her ship, lol!!!!

  5. I used to be a C cup, but then I lost weight and went down to an A. I’ll take the smaller chest with the smaller body any day! I think what’s important is that you work with what you have and accept your body. No other way to be happy!

  6. I’m a B-cup and I’m definitely happy with my size! I’d rather have smaller breasts that don’t get in the way when I’m working out or just being active than large breasts that make it uncomfortable. I have close friends who are natural D and DD-cups and I see them go through back pain and difficulty finding clothes that fit flatteringly. No thank you! I’ll keep my perky little ones that don’t make my life harder!

  7. I love to see this because everyone is built differently and it’s like us A-cup gals have always had to prove we are pretty enough for the boys to look at us. One day society will accept all shape, sizes and colors, but until that time it is nice to have role models in Hollywood who are happy with whatever size they arel

  8. In 10 or 15 years when the daughters of these “enhanced” women are old enough to choose, they’ll look at old balloon tits and say I don’t think so. Fashion is like that and looking like a tart is getting old now especially as these women age. Just take a goo long look at PAM A. I don’t favor tit enlargement unless all men are really well hung or surgically enhanced as well.

  9. I’m a full figured C and I don’t think I would want to be any bigger. Any of my “larger” friends say they are uncomfortable. If I could lose a few pounds I won’t mind losing some of what I got on top! B or A would be just fine.

  10. Having had DDD breasts since the age of 14, I have NEVER understood why women have breast implants! When I look at the permanent grooves in my shoulders and realize that I could never, ever wear a strapless dress or the darling one-shoulder tops, I wonder why women want large breasts?? Be thankful for your smaller bosom, girls!!

  11. Oh for the day when what you are is good enough. If there were no men on the planet, women wouldn’t give a fig about their breasts. Ladies, love yourselves as you are. Say no to the male invention of breast implants.

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