Love is a Glass of Ice Water

Carrie Seim shares her mother's version of true love

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Love is a Glass of Ice Water

My mom shares her version of true love.

-Carrie Seim

a person pouring a glass of waterI usually use this space to write something silly about boys or dating or the delicious and heartbreaking quest for true love.

But in honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve decided to write about my mom. And ice water. The former because it seems to me that mothers are our first true loves. And the latter – well you’ll find out momentarily.

First, some background. I completely lucked out in the mom and dad department. Their enthusiastic, unwavering love for me has made me strong and brave and willing to leap from great heights, because I knew I always had a sturdy net waiting to catch and comfort me. It also made me unwilling to settle for anything less than enthusiastic, unwavering love in my romantic life.

My mother taught me from a very young age the importance of independence and confidence over flitting myself into some insipid creature simply to attract boys.

She also emphasized to me the qualities that truly matter in a life partner – friendship,  humor, intelligence, dependability – and ice water.

My mom called me a few days ago. I was busy with something or another, which, at that moment, seemed far more important that it will ever be.

“Yesterday I was out gardening all day in the heat. We had to put in new peonies. Oh, and that sycamore tree may be dying.” she said.

“Mmm hmm,” I answered, trying to move her along in the story.

“Anyway, your dad came out and brought me a glass of ice water.”

“That’s nice,” I said impatiently. But just as I was about to tune her out, I heard her say, “And you know, I realized that glass of ice water is what makes your dad so wonderful.”

“How do you mean, Mom?” I asked.

“Your father’s been bringing me glasses of ice water for more than three decades. He brought me ice water when I was pregnant with you. And then when I was nursing you in the middle of the night and so very thirsty, he’d wake up and pour me a glass with lots of ice.” she said.

“He brought me glasses of ice water when I was pregnant with your sister, too. And when I nearly died during her birth, he was waiting with a glass of ice water when I woke up.”

“When I had breast cancer and had to go for all those nauseating chemo treatments, he went with me. And brought me ice water.”

“Your father is always bringing me ice water just when I need it, before I ever have to ask for it. And that, my dear, is true love.”

Once again, my mother became the smartest person I’ve ever met.

Also, can someone please get this woman a job at Hallmark?

I only hope that I’m able to learn from her beautiful lessons and find my own true love. Who’ll no doubt be waiting for me with a glass of ice water.

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  1. You know…kudos to your mom for realizing the gesture, but I think the one who deserves the real kudos here is your dad. I wonder why he chose ice water…I mean, my bf would bring me milk even tho I hate milk lol!

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