Love It or Hate It? Jersey Couture

Oxygen network has jumped on the Jersey bandwagon with the new show.
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Love It or Hate It? Jersey Couture

Oxygen network has jumped on the Jersey bandwagon with the new show.

-Delaina Dixon

Jersey Couture

Up until now, I haven’t given in to TV’s lovefest with all things New Jersey. Maybe because I grew up just a Cul-de -ac away from the N.J. borderline, I never felt the need to get my Bada Bing on with The Sopranos. And hanging out at the Jersey Shore? Fuggeddaboudit!

But when I heard about Jersey Couture, Oxygen new series about the Scali clan, who run Diane & Co. Unique Boutique, a gown emporium in Freehold, N.J., I thought, hey, it’s family and fashion, why not give it a shot?

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Actually, you may need a Red Bull to keep up the pace as matriarch Diane runs the family biz with her recruited staff of husband, Sal, and their three grown children. In the opening scene, Diane’s yapping it up with her daughters, eldest Kimberly and baby Christina, about how everything has to revolve around “Prissy Chrissy.” And the first thing I realize is that with their raven manes and strikingly similar curvalicious figures packed into petite 5 foot frames, it’s nearly impossibly to tell these Jersey girls apart.

Diane and Co. caters to a clientele of women seeking out the perfect prom/wedding/baby shower dress, all of which they deliver with a hands-on approach. Literally. When a young female shopper slips into a plunging black halter gown, Diane sticks her hands down the dress to insert some padding. “I am a boobologist… five grand I just saved you,” she declares. And when a customer finds a dress that makes her derriere look perky, mama likes to break in into a chorus of “Do the booty pop-pop-pop!!”

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0 thoughts on “Love It or Hate It? Jersey Couture

  1. I love all the Jersey shows…Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of NJ and Jerseylicious….but I watched this show this morning and I really didn’t like it. It didn’t seem to have the spark like the other shows….

  2. I love the “Jersey” shows. But this one is a drag. Didn’t enjoy it at all and will probably not watch it again. Yes the producers save mucho money by making reality shows.

  3. I love Diane and her girls. They are so funny and I want to work in that store just to be in on the fun. Yes the media is going to far with all the jersy shows but a least this one is in good taste unlike the jersy shore mess. If you can’t laugh at Diane & Co. you have no sense of humor or stlye.

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