Love Your Relationship In 2014 With These New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone's relationship can always use a little work. Make some changes with these New Year's resolutions and watch your get stronger than ever!
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Choose Three Things You Want to Improve

No relationship is ever perfect. Everyone has things in their relationship they wish weren’t the way they were.

Choose three things you want to change about your relationship, and think about what you can do to make those changes. You can include your boyfriend in them, or you can make small changes on your own to see how he’ll react. Either way, changing the situation will likely produce positive results.

Don’t try to change all three of them at the same time, though. Pick one to tackle first and work on it for a few months, and then move on to the next. By the time the year is over, you’ll have an improved relationship.

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It’s Your Love Life to Love

Your love life should improve your life, not hurt it. If your relationship just isn’t making you happy, take control of it, and make the changes necessary to create the love you want. If you’re not able to be happy in the relationship you are in, it may be time to rethink it. During this time, reevaluate the love in your life, and make it a better and bigger part of your life in 2014.

Marcelina Hardy is a freelance writer for Writing Services Online and a relationship coach for Relationship Repair Coach. With over seven years of experience, she can help you with articles for your website or relationship coaching for your relationship.

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