The Scale Doesn't Lie, Do You?

this overheard in betty talk is about lying about your weight

Overheard in Betty Talk

The Scale Doesn’t Lie, Do You?

Some of us are happy with our weight, and some aren’t. What can I say? We lie about what our true weight on our driver’s licences, to the men we love, and to the ladies we sip martinis with. We’re all human and want to seem like we’re happy with our bodies … I get it … and we’re all guilty of a little white lie here and there, aren’t we? The BettyTalk HEALTHY LIVING room is chit-chatting away about who lies and who doesn’t, brought on by the article Do You Lie About Your Weight? Take a peek into this on-going discussion, and make sure to chime in! Here are a few quotes from some of the other members…

“I do ABSOLUTELY and probably always will.” Julie

“I agree. The only person that knows my real weight is my doctor.” newCITYsameGirl

What do YOU think about lying about your weight?

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