MACs Newest Collaboration Hits Stores In A Few Days

MC Cosmetics makeup for olive-toned complexions and more.

MAC’s Newest Collaboration Hits Stores In A Few Days

MAC Cosmetics has teamed up with the Master of Bollywood!

-PJ Gach

mac and mickey

When MAC releases a limited edition collaboration, it gets sold out in days! Their newest one MAC + Mickey Contractor is going to cause another frenzy.

Mickey Contractor AKA the Master of Bollywood, is MACs Director of Creative Artisty in India and has worked with glamorous actresses and models in that country. He’s taught makeup artists around the world for over 30 years.

His collection contains all his “beauty musts,”with an emphasis on skin tone and performance makeup.

 Mickey contractor and Mac

You’ll be able to pick up his collection at MAC counters nationwide and online on January 6, 2011.

Mickey chatted with MAC about his makeup and more. Here’s an excerpt from their conversation.

MAC: What’s your beauty philosophy?

Micky: For me, beauty is about a natural-looking woman who wears makeup, but wears it so cleverly that it doesn’t actually show. She’s also somebody who carries herself with a lot of confidence, not just someone who’s pretty, but who also has a lot of character. For me…that defines beauty.

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MAC: You’ve said that the “no makeup” look requires more effort than a full-on makeup look…how come?

Mickey: The “no makeup” look in India is about using everything you need to use but making it look like nothing! That’s the reason it’s so much more difficult, because your blending has to be perfect, the contouring need to be perfect, you’ve got to be able make an exact match to the colour of the skin tone…it’s very, very difficult. But the products and tools in this collection all work together to make achieving this look so much easier.

MAC: What was your inspiration for this collection?

Mickey:  I am one of those makeup artists who focuses a lot more on the complexion and contouring rather than just colour, so I wanted to split the collection into two parts: Face- for creating the perfect skin and Colour- to add definition. The inspiration for this collection really came from what I felt Indian women needed. Pigmentation and discolouration problems around the mouth and under the eyes is something that most people in India have a problem with, so creating the concealers was really important to me. They really work to address these issues on any olive-based complexions and outside of India they’ll also work beautifully on Hispanic, Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern skins, which can also have similar issues with pigmentation. Because creating beautiful skin is always my priority as a makeup artist, I wanted to focus on that, as well as developing the best colours to accentuate it with.

 PJ Gach is the Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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