Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

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Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Escape to this flick with your family!

-Stephanie Elliot

While I liked the first Madagascar movie very much, I can truly say Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa had me at the opening scene. With an adorable little lion cub being mentored by his father, it’s reminiscent of The Lion King in that cute King-of-the-Jungle fatherly way.

Early into the movie, we discover that Alex, King of New York City was really named “Alakay” and born in Africa, where he was stolen by poachers, but escaped to New York where he then became the hero at the zoo from the first movie.

When Marty, Alex, Melman and Gloria – with the help of those devilishly daring stocky penguins – take off from Madagascar in attempt to fly back to NYC, their trip sends them instead to Africa … hilarity ensues.

Of course, as in the The Lion King, there is an evil bad-guy lion character like Scar, brilliantly played by Alec Baldwin (man, I LOVE to hate him!). While penguins and monkeys work to repair the damaged airplane (and solve labor disputes), Melman grapples with his undying love for Gloria while Moto Moto, a large-and-in-charge hippo, woos her. (Moto Moto likes ‘em BIG & CHUNKY, my favorite song in the whole movie!) We also get to see more of the awesomely fierce little old lady from the first movie (BAD KITTY!).

In the end, Marty discovers his uniqueness goes beyond the color of his stripes and his talents, and Alex learns that his humor (and killer dance moves) can sometimes be his best weapon of defense.

A fun-for-the-whole family movie, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is enjoyment from the very beginning! And yes, that little old granny lady from the first movie makes an appearance too, and she’s feistier than ever. Check it out; in theaters now! It’s definitely worth your ticket price!

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