Madonna's 15 Most Iconic and Sometimes Questionable Looks for Her 54th Birthday

It's the Material Girl's birthday! Let's take a look at her most iconic looks through the years, shall we? Hello, cone bra!
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13. Mrs. Ritchie

Madonna Mrs Ritchie

Just in case, y’know, you weren’t aware what the connection was here at the 2001 premiere of Snatch. I wonder what she did with that jacket after she and Guy Ritchie split?

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14. Re-Invention

Madonna re-invention

Billboard noted that Madge’s 2004 Re-Invention World Tour look combined a whole bunch of her most famous looks into one. We’ve got the corset, the boots, the hot pants, the glitz… the works!

15. The 2012 Super Bowl

Madonna Super Bowl 2012

The hat! Just… the HAT!

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