Madonna's Secret Addiction

The Material Mom acts as though her body is her temple, but she's jonesing for a sugary caffeinated drink

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Madonna’s Secret Addiction

The Material Mom acts as though her body is her temple, but she’s jonesing for a sugary caffeinated drink

-Kelly Will

MadonnaShe has a team of massage therapists and doctors accompanying her on tour and is working out every day in her attempt to remain as fit and healthy as possible, but Madonna has picked up one unhealthy habit that could be derailing her best-laid plans.

The singer, who turns 51 on August 16, has insisted that her favorite iced coffee drink, Illy Issimo Caffe, be shipped over from London while she continues her Sticky and Sweet tour of Europe.

An insider reveals that Madonna demanded 30 cases of the Italian espresso-style drink. Each can is sweetened with sugar and packs a major dose of caffeine – 155mg, which is about as much of a jolt as two cans of Red Bull.

Illy Espresso“The coffee keeps her energized,” the insider says. No kidding! “She still works out every single day, even while touring. Her grueling schedule is made easier by having her children, boyfriend, Jesus, and specialists by her side. She is not ready to slow down!”

If she’s hitting the heavily caffeinated drink hard, it might also be to blame for her scary arms. Experts warn that in addition to boosting adrenaline levels, caffeine increases the use of body fat as fuel and acts as a diuretic, dehydrating the body and causing muscles to look more defined.

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