Make 2011 Your Sexiest Year Yet! Day 16: Drink Away A Dress Size

Drinking water is your sexy secret to losing weight, feeling great and being a sexier you!

Make 2011 Your Sexiest Year! Yet Day 16: Drink Away A Dress Size!

Drinking water is your sexy secret to losing weight, feeling great and being a sexier you!

-The Betty Editors

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Welcome to Day 16 of your SEXIEST year ever! Click here to catch up on Day 15: Get Your Asana To Yoga!

 We all made resolutions to lose the holiday weight, get in shape and get sexier, right? There’s something that’s under your nose that will not only help you lose more pounds this year, give you glowing skin and make you feel great. What is it? It’s water! Virginia Tech did a study where they found out that people who drank two eight-ounce glasses of water lost, on average, five more pounds than people who didn’t! Think about this when you’re shopping for lingerie.

 Here’s 11 tips on how to make drinking water delicious, healthy and fun! The ideas picked were from national culinary, wellness and water experts — including chef-to-the-stars Lulu Powers (her clients clients include Bill Clinton, Madonna, Will Smith, etc), best-selling wellness authors Dr. Anne Louise Gittleman and Dr. Maoshing Ni, and Todd Bartee, the CEO of Aquasana.

Think about it, you’re just a few sips from a sexier you.


1. Make water healthier.

Todd Bartee, the CEO of Aquasana, a leading maker of water filters for the home, recommends using an easy-to-install countertop filter to strip out the chlorine and other chemicals that are put in tap water to disinfect it. Says Bartee, “Once you remove the contaminants, you’re left with the most pure and delicious water you’ve ever tasted. You’ll notice a difference immediately.”

2. Make water taste better.

Chef-to-the-stars, Lulu Powers, who just released a new cookbook, Lulu Powers Food to Flowers, recommends adding slices of orange, mint or cucumber to your water to complement meals.

3. Perk up water!

Powers also suggests adding specialty ice cubes made from fresh fruits and herbs for an extra hint of flavor and to up the aesthetic factor.

4. Use water as a mixer.

Ann Louie Gittleman, Ph.D., author of the national bestseller, The Fat Flush Plan, recommends diluting your juice with water, adding less and less juice—and more water—as time goes by.

5. Use vegetables with lots of water.

Dr. Gittleman also recommends including in your diet water-rich foods like broth-based soups, lettuce, broccoli and citrus fruits.

6. Always filter it!

Dr. Maoshing Ni, author of the bestseller, Secrets of Longevity, and the just-released follow-up, Secrets of Longevity: Dr. Mao’s 8 Week Program, refers to filtered tap water as “a key to losing weight.” Says Dr. Mao, “Filter your own water with a high-quality water filter like the one from Aquasana and drink it throughout the day to help with fluid retention. It is also a natural appetite suppressant.”

7. Make detox soup.

Dr. Mao also suggests making a “detox soup” with filtered tap water, seasonal vegetables like kale and winter squash, dried beans and legumes and aromatic herbs and spices. Bring the soup to a boil and simmer for a couple of hours.

8. Monitor your intake.

Track and monitor your daily water consumption by downloading an application for your phone such as Water Me or Water Your Body.  You can pick them up at iTunes

9. Use warm water instead of coffee.

Substitute a cup of warm water with a drop of honey for the coffee you might have after lunch and dinner. This will also help you eliminate caffeine, which dehydrates the body.

10. Fight sugar blues with water.

Outsmart the mid-afternoon blood-sugar blues. Set the alarm on your phone to ring at 3 pm to remind you to stop and drink a full glass of water before the afternoon munchies hit.

11. Create a cool water bottle that you’ll use time and again.

Design your own, one-of-a-kind, stainless steel water bottle to make drinking water more fun and a way to express yourself. This works especially well with kids. Check out the ones at  Sigg Skins.

Tune in tomorrow for our next great tipand catch up on the previous tips here!

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