Make 2011 Your Sexiest Year Yet! Day 22 Show Off Your Hair

Your hair can be used as a very flirty tool!

Make 2011 Your Sexiest Year Yet! Day 22: Show Off Your Hair

Your hair can be used as a very flirty tool!

-Betty Editors

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Welcome to Day 22 of your SEXIEST year ever! Click here to catch up on Day 21: Get A Shellac Manicure

Tossing your mane, playing with your bangs, flipping your hair- these are just a few basic ways you can use your hair to get some sexy attention. Philip B of Philip B and Scott-Vincent Borba of Borba Skin Care, are two guys who understand the subtleties of sexiness.

Both men feel that beautiful hair is one of the keys to being sexier.


Philip’s tip for glossy, touchable hair:

“If you want to feel sexier, you have to have silky-soft hair. Having amazing hair makes you more confident, which in turn makes you feel more sexy. I think of hair as the icing on a cake — the cake might be delicious, but if you just slap the icing on, it looks a lot less enticing.

Chemical treatments make your hair look dry and dull and can make you feel more self-conscious on a full-spectrum level. So using products that replenish lost moisture and give your hair bounce and shine is key. If you make one change for the new year, try using my pH Restorative Detangling Mist (2 ounces, $10, You put it on after your condition your hair and leave it in. It adjusts the pH balance of the water, and makes the cuticle lie flat to give you a reflective, glassy finish. And it leaves your hair more manageable, too. It’s a tiny step with a huge impact.”

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Scott-Vincent’s tip on how to get sexy, beachy, bombshell hair:

“Hair can be pretty fickle. But I have a great secret. Try shampooing and conditioning your hair in the evening before you go to bed. If you use a little leave in conditioner after you get out of the shower, you can easily manage your hair with some pomade to get that sexy tousled hair look.”

Tune in tomorrow for our next great tip…and catch up on the previous tips here!


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