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You CAN Prevent Stretch Marks

If Mama Mio was good enough for Jessica Alba, I was willing to give it a try

-Paige Herman-Axel

jessica alba pregnantWhen I found out I was pregnant, after the initial excitement about having my first baby subsided, I was consumed with dread. What would happen to my body? I knew I was prone to stretch marks since I already had them from my “freshman 10” (ok, maybe 15), but they were confined to my hip area. But with my burgeoning belly, I was definitely concerned about how my stomach would hold up, and if I’d need to schedule a tummy tuck after delivering! I was in a panic after checking out a “belly picture gallery” on one of my pregnancy websites where it seemed like every woman was plagued with big, red stretch marks by the last trimester.

Since I’m friends with the publicist for Mama Mio and I’ve been writing about their products for years, I decided they mama mio tummy rubwould be my go-to line throughout my pregnancy. I started with the Moisturising Shower Cream and Body Buff and I never, ever missed a day of Tummy Rub Butter. Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 oils and with a super yummy smell, I slathered myself in Tummy Rub Butter every night for nine months. Even before I began to show I was priming and prepping my soon-to-be-huge stomach, and I even started referring to my nightly ritual as basting the turkey towards the end of my pregnancy.

Here I am 6 weeks after having my adorable son, with absolutely no new stretch marks. Sure I still have those reminders of pizzas past on my hips, but I’m proud to say that my tummy survived the pregnancy intact. Sure I have a few extra pounds to lose thanks to my pregnancy cupcake obsession, but I’m happy to report that size aside, the skin on my stomach actually looks like it did before the baby! If only someone had given me Tummy Rub Butter before I started college…

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