Marie Bruns: "Real Jewelry for Real Women"

Marie Bruns is a finalist in the 'Texas' Next Top Designer' competition. Looking over her collection, you'll see why she's a winner!
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Marie Bruns earrings

Marie Bruns’ gold vermeil gemstone drop earrings. Want ’em? Get ’em here!

BC: What was the first item that you ever created? Do you still have it?

MB: Yes it is a citrine cross necklace. I love it and even until today I still get compliments every time I wear it. I was really into crosses and several of my friends still like my vintage line, I only make them for friends now. It is a bit of a madonna-ish type look, but I still love it.

BC: What was it about jewelry that made you want to go into the field?

MB: I just loved it so much, I figured I had better learn how to make it if I wanted to afford some nice things.

BC: How did you learn your craft?

MB: Through my friends and just by doing it and sticking to it.

BC: What’s the best and the worst thing about creating jewelry?

MB: Best thing is that you can make some amazing items, worst this it that you know you can make just about anything you see, so you feel like you need to constantly buy gemstones just to be sure you have enough on hand…as a result I hoard!

BC: You have a bridal collection, a collection for children and your main line. How did this all come about? Was there a special occasion or a special someone that inspired you to create a bridal item or a children’s item?

MB: Well I suppose I got married and needed some items and then I had little girls and that was the inspiration for more items…..

BC: When you come up with an idea for a bracelet or another piece of jewelry, do you start with a sketch, or do you immediately start working with materials?

MB: I usually just start working with the materials; that has always been my style. I tried drawing things, but I could never stick to it.

BC: Do you have a favorite piece that you created? Or are they all your favorites?

MB: Yes I have several favorites, most of them are big necklaces. That is really my style or layered on pieces.

BC: How do you know when you’re finished working on a design?

MB: I have a good sense of what I want to create when I start out, so I know what it needs to look like.

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