MBFW: Farah Angsana Delivers A Goddess Inspired Spring 2013 Collection

Need the perfect dress to match your goddess-like attitude? Farah Angsana's spring 2013 gowns have got you covered!

MBFW: Farah Angsana Delivers A Goddess Inspired Spring 2013 Collection

Need the perfect dress to match your goddess-like attitude? Farah Angsana’s spring 2013 gowns have got you covered!

-Shante D. Booker

farah angsana spring 2013

As Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week comes to an end, I find myself feeling relieved and sad; relieved because it has been one hectic and crazy week and sad because I loved every bit of the crazy. However, I realized that I haven’t had much time to enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a blast experiencing shows, indulging in the free goodies and just being in the mist of Fashion Week for the first time. I just haven’t had a chance to soak it all in, you know? At each show I was so concerned with snapping away and taking notes that I forgot to relax and enjoy. So, as I took my seat at Farah Angsana’s show Monday evening I promised myself to do more observing and less snapping. As a result, I witnessed a pretty good show with tons of dresses that I’d love to snag… After an awkward beginning, that is.

The show didn’t start until about 10 seconds after the lights dimmed and the music began. It was hilarious watching everyone’s aimed cameras slowly drop to their laps due to tired arms. I even got a chance to ease drop on a seat jacking* (something I’ve witnessed far too often this week).

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When the technical difficulty (or whatever that was) was over the music started and out emerged models wearing elegant and long dresses made up of silk and lace—some even with embellishment. The first dress to catch my eye was a beautifully crafted silk and lace combo that demanded all eyes as it glided down the runway. It screamed goddess! It was just the right amount of snug to accentuate a woman’s curves and was accompanied by a black silk organza train that flowed so wildly down the runway; it would leave any woman feeling ready to take on the world.

farah angsana spring 2013

As the music began to speed up hem lines began to rise and the dresses became more and more daring. They were brighter in hue: yellow, blue, green, turquoise—oh my! Funky patterns with lots of flowers came down the runway. The final look is what took the show home. It was an Ivory crystal encrusted tulle evening gown with multicolored feathers to give it that extra oomph. IDidn’t know how to receive it at first, but in the end I grew to love it.

farah angsana spring 2013

After the finale, Farah Angsana was literally the center of attention as she took her time walking down the runway and soaking in her applauds. You go Farah!

*seat jacking—moving down a row, or three into a seat that wasn’t assigned to you.

Shante D. Booker is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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