Mean Betty: Beware The Wrath of Gaga!

No one but Gaga can wear a meat dress!
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Mean Betty: Beware The Wrath of Gaga!

No one but Gaga can wear a meat dress!

-Mean Betty

Eva Longoria

Darlings, let us turn our attention—at least for a little while—to the “pop superstar” known as Lady Gaga (or Lady Gags, to Mean Betty.) Remember when the oh-so-edgy diva wore a “dress” made of real meat to the MTV awards at Radio City? So chic and daring! Well, the music network has just held its MTV Euro Awards program, in Madrid, where another meat dress was outrageously on display.

Except it wasn’t a real meat dress. And Lady Gaga wasn’t the one who was wearing it.

Instead, Eva Longoria, the Desperate Housewives star and host of the show, wore a fake ham-hock dress, her face adoringly peeping out of the bogus flesh. “Lady Gaga couldn’t be here tonight, but she left this dress in the refrigerator backstage,” Eva told the audience. Funny, non? A clever bit of mockery?

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Not to Lady Gags! A source told the UK newspaper Daily Mirror that Gaga was furious! “Why can’t she stop stealing my ideas?” the “superstar” reportedly said. Added the source, “Gaga didn’t find it funny and thinks that Eva should get her own gimmicks.”

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Beware The Wrath of Gaga!

  1. Most intelligent people with egos of relatively average size know that mocking someone is not stealing their ideas. I’m not surprised that Gags is so stupid & self-absorbed as to think that someone would actually STEAL HER IDEA. I mean, who could possibly want to mock her?

  2. i dont know about that gaga or about some of the people iin the entertainment. I mean who would want to wear a dress like that. who would want to walk around in a lock of ham and think they are looking dood. watch out of the dogs in the neighborhood

  3. Look Gaga fan-addicts, it had to start sometime and I, for one, never believed in Stephsnie Gaga’s hype. To believe in anybody’s hype in Hollywood would be absurd niave and foolish in the first place as, it turns out, She’s had a minor career before her disco revival with appearences on some reality shows and a bit part on The Sopranos.

  4. And btw, “God” or Jesus as the case may be would not get drunk at a baseball game and make a total ass scene of themselves. She displayed all the earmarks of alcoholism that day and she claims herself to be a “recovering drug addict” Sorry guys, that dog don’t hunt.

  5. I just love it when people are either too stupid or too arrogant to realize they’re being made fun of. She wasn’t copying you, honey. She was basically saying you’re an idiot. Ner.

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