Mean Betty: Celebrating Your Birthday For A Month Is Not Tacky, Miley Cyrus

Hannah Montana is legal at last!

Mean Betty: Celebrating Your Birthday For A Month Is Not At All Tacky, Miley Cyrus!

She’s legal at last!

-Mean Betty

Miley Cyrus

Dirty old men around the world are taking a collective sigh of relief this week, kittens. Little Miss Jailbait Miley Cyrus has (at long last) turned 18. And she’s celebrating for the entire month of November, darlings! For Miley, self-indulgence is an art form.

Newly Legal told Access Hollywood, “I have a birthday month I do the whole month of November. Thanksgiving, cake, [it's] all about me on Thanksgiving!”

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Mean Betty has a sneaking suspicion that in the world of the poptart, it’s all about Miley everyday, 365 days a year, pets.

Commandeering Turkey Day for your own birthday ruins everyone’s day off, Miley. Not that you care about anything other than partying and hitting da club as much as possible to celebrate your newly found power to vote. Mean Betty is sure that’s what all the B-Day hooplah is really about.

How long do you think it will be before she poses for Playboy, poppets? Two weeks?


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Celebrating Your Birthday For A Month Is Not Tacky, Miley Cyrus

  1. NaptownCutie says:

    I hope she doesn’t pose for Playboy. Not yet, anyway. Give it about 20 years.

  2. mannequin says:

    How mature she is! It’s all about her, huh?
    My 13 yr old is more mature than this.

  3. JaymeStephens84 says:

    Oh for cryin out loud, let the girl be. 18 is a really exciting birthday, let her have it and enjoy it. You only turn 18 once. I celebrate my birthday the entire month of September…lol, so I can’t say anything.

  4. M_In_O_Town says:

    Humans are humans. We shall see what we shall see.

  5. sidneyanne says:

    Having a birthday that falls on a holiday sucks. Mine is Christmas Eve, and it always gets lost in the shuffle. I am much older than Miley and I completely understand why she feels it necessary to claim some attention. That being said, I don’t care for her and wish she’d stand up straight.

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