Mean Betty: Denise Richards Adopted a What?!

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife has added to her little family. How ... sweet?

Mean Betty: Denise Richards Adopted a What?!

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife has added to her little family. How … sweet?

-Mean Betty

Denise Richards

As if Denise Richards didn’t have enough to cope with, what with her two little girls, her crazy “winning” ex-husband and his coterie of in-house goddesses, porn stars, etc … she has now adopted a perfectly innocent baby.

How did we know this is true? Why, Twitter of course!

The proud mama Tweeted: “Thank you all for your sweet messages. The girls and I are over the moon and so is my dad Grandpa Irv…xo”

We’re sure “Dad / Grandpa Irv” is indeed over the moon about baby Eliose Lois — after all, what perfect timing — now Denise has the perfect accessory to tote along on the upcoming book tour for her “memoir” (due out July 26th!) in which she spills all the details of her sordid marriage / “beautiful love story” to Charlie Sheen and their very public, very messy divorce!

Plus! Adopted baby = great reality show fodder! It’s been a couple of years since the marvelous Denise Richards reality show It’s Complicated got the ax, so Mean Betty looks forward to the next iteration, in which Denise “balances” being a mom of three, trying to do damage control when Charlie trash-talks her to the press, and blocking Google from her house.

Mean Betty wonders — will the new baby be invited along the next time Charlie Sheen takes Denise and his daughters out to dinner with a prostitute? Inquiring minds want to know!

Now, now … Mean Betty knows what you’re thinking … Denise Richards can’t be held accountable for the lunatic actions of Charlie Sheen. Right pets?

Perhaps … but does it really seem fair to expose yet another young life to the circle of craziness that is the Sheen-Mueller-Richards Family-O-Disfunction?

What do you say, kittens? Is Mean Betty being … too mean? Or do you feel sorry for Denise Richards’ newest addition too?

Either way — Mean Betty sure hopes Eliose likes having her picture taken!

Denise Richards kids


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Denise Richards Adopted a What?!

  1. The least you could do would be to get the baby’s name right. It’s Eloise Joni, named for Denise’s late mother. I don’t have a problem with her adopting a child. She seems to be a good mother and if she has the love and the wherewithall to provide for another child, then more power to her.

  2. According to media reports, Denise doesn’t allow Charlie to see his existing girls at his house and they’ve never met his “goddesses”. Considering Charlie is the biological father of those girls and Denise keeps the girls out of that craziness, I highly doubt the adopted daughter with no relation to Charlie will get anywhere near him. As for it being publicity for her book or another reality show – perhaps – but she never had her other girls in front of the camera that much on that show and sending a tweet about big news like that seems to be a reasonable thing to tweet about. Certainly more interesting than “decided to sleep in today” like many celebs/regular folks would treat along with other equally mundane comments. I think you’re being “too mean” Betty.

  3. You’re not being “too mean” Betty. The “rich and famous” are able to adopt babies whenever they feel they need some publicity…because they have the money to do it. An average person has to wait years before they can adopt – especially a baby. Denise Richards has proven she is a lunatic herself…adding an innocent child to the lunacy is just irresponsible. I agree with you 100%!

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