Mean Betty: Dina Lohan, No, You Don't Get a "Do Over!"

After a rambling, bizarre interview on Dr. Phil, Dina Lohan wants a re-match. Unlike daughter Lindsay, though, she probably won't get one.
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dina lohan and lindsay lohan

Seriously, kittens: Think about it. Dina flips off Dr. Phil in the middle of the interview — which harkens right back to Lindsay with “F*U” written on her nails in court. So: Who taught who in this oddball family? Did mom think daughter doing that in court was cute, so she decided to copy the sentiment when she hit the limelight on her own?

And much like Lindsay, who has had many, many “do overs,” Dina wants one too! Yes, lambies, TMZ reports that  Dina has been telling friends — and, really, anyone who will listen to her — that she’d like to come back on Dr. Phil and not act like a drugged-out, sweaty crazypants.

Here’s the thing, though: If you watch the beginning of the show (which Meanie has so thoughtfully provided for you below), you’ll notice that Dr. Phil is being extremely patient, and dare Meanie say it, even kind to Dina:


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Dina, Meanie is sorry to tell you that there probably won’t be a second chance for you on Dr. Phil. The reason why Lindsay, the child of your loins, has had more than one chance at getting it together and having a career is that she’s a genuinely talented actress. There are people in the business who realized that having wolverines like you and Michael as parents would drive anyone to the drink.

You, however, have pushed, prodded, and knocked your way into your daughter’s limelight — not like a good parent should, but rather as someone who is insecure and desperate to be famous… no matter what that fame is for. For years there have been rumors and stories of you clubbing with your then-underage daughter, trying to get your photo and name out there and doing anything to grab a column inch… In other words, being the worst type of stage mother.

Yes, there are other stage mothers out there; Kris Jenner, for example, comes to mind. But at least with Kris, she gets that if she takes care of and protects her kids, they’ll both do well and reflect well back on her (well, she HOPES they will, of course). With Dina, kittens, it appears that Lindsay’s got a stage managing mom who is an emotional teenager and doesn’t get that she’d shine more if she wasn’t always trying to elbow her way into Lindsay’s light.

Kittens, the only piece of advice we can give to Lindsay is this: If you hear from your mom, run the other way!


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