Mean Betty: Dina Lohan Pulls a Jamie Spears

Having conservatorship over your daughter is so hot right now.
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Mean Betty: Dina Lohan Pulls a Jamie Spears

Having conservatorship over your daughter is so hot right now.

-Mean Betty

Lindsay Lohan

Is there a parent on earth less qualified to have conservatorship over her child than Dina Lohan, kittens? This is the woman who partied with her daughter Lindsay at Chateau Marmont until 2 a.m. the night before her court date, the woman who pitches reality shows about her screwy family and guzzles Grey Goose like it’s water (Mean Betty could totally drink her under the table though).

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Lindsay’s daddy dearest, Michael Lohan, has told RadarOnline  of Dina’s plot to put Lindsay under her conservatorship. Way to cramp Britney Spears’ father’s style. If she were to obtain conservatorship over Lindsay, Dina would have control over her well-being, but more importantly, Lindsay’s finances while the troubled starlet “tries” to overcome her addiction. Has it occurred to anyone that Dina is a major cause of Lindsay’s addiction, pets?

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Dina Lohan Pulls a Jamie Spears

  1. I think that her Mom is doing the right thing.She is her MOTHER for F___ sakes.If her FAMILY doesnt step up then she will lose alot more than money.Kick some butt Dina!As for Lindsey everyone should pray that she can be helped.

  2. I know it’s a quite unpopular view but who says Michael Lohan is so awful? Maybe he’s made horrendous mistakes but I think the only way Lindsay will recover is to forgive him and have a relationship.
    We think we know, but do we really?

  3. Lindsay is a hot mess. I’d certainly say that her family has a lot to do as to why she is so dysfunctional. She needs some heavy counseling and real friends. Not the hangers on that are using her and her money. Her family uses her for her fame and fortune (what is left of it at this time). I feel really sorry for her because she has real talent and is a beautiful young woman. She is making a mess out of her life and her looks. She needs to wake up and realize that she can wind up dead due to her not paying attention to the benefits of being a celebrity. It is not all fun and games. But, it is her life. So, she has some growing up to do and some decisions to make. If she chooses wisely she can have a remarkable future. If she chooses wrong her fate is sealed. Good luck, Lindsay.

  4. putting all this B.s aside i think there is a problem in the family somewhere and that it seems as if , I need to be like my sister and become famous but we see the results eventually, the become objects of critizism,face humility and spend millions in lawyer fees,court costs and so on. When are these stars going to learn. Is it total denial or stupidity. Yes! I think follows a trait with the lohand, spears and others
    in the celebrity industry. Money isn’t everything and the heck if i would want to hitch up with one of these girls, Spoiled and nothing but problems and the soon Divorce court. Wake up Kids as they should be called.. Jraysmi. Take a reality pill.

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