Mean Betty: Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney and Their 'Father-Daughter' Thing

Ewww, Elisabetta Canalis, please stop. Just please stop. Your time in the limelight with George Clooney is over.

Mean Betty: Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney and Their ‘Father-Daughter’ Thing

Ewww, Elisabetta, please stop. Just please stop. Your time in the limelight is over.

-Mean Betty

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Kittens, before Gorgeous George Clooney started dating the beautiful brunette, Elisabetta Canalis, she was barely known outside of her native Italy. A few kisses and cuddles later, and voila! Everyone only knows her name. And she wants to extend her 15 minutes of fame any way she can.

Her pre-George fame wasn’t that great. She had minor roles in films and appeared only two Italian TV shows. Her other life choices weren’t that fab pre-George either. She allegedly attended Silvio Berlisconi, the Italian Prime Minister’s infamous “Bunga Bunga” parties. You know the ones that were “allegedly” over-populated by under-aged prostitutes? Elisabetta’s was also allegedly tied to some sort of cocaine ring, as reported by The New York Daily News back in June 2010. While she was with George those allegations were quickly brushed aside.

And now? Who will protect this poor princess?

Her latest attempt to grab some international fame of her own as a contestant on DWTS fell as flat as her dancing abilities.

Poor thing! Lambkins, looks like Elisabetta just got too cozy with the spotlight, George and is just as determined as Teen Bride Courtney Stodden to stay there. No matter what she has to do or say…

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The moment the Pool Boy heard that Elisabetta talked about her relationship with Italian journalist, Bruno Vespa for his book, Questo Amore (This Love), he started to laugh. People magazine reports Elisabetta told Bruno that, “[George Clooney] has been a special for me, and very important, just as a father would be…Between us there was more of a father-daughter relationship. I was unable to clarify this up ’til now.”

Why was the pool boy laughing? We may love him, but Mean Betty knows he’s not the brightest bulb in the makeup mirror. The pool boy reminded Meanie that a scant few days before George broke up with Elisabetta this past June, US Weekly reported that she stuck her foot in her mouth big time. You see, she laid down the gauntlet to George in an interview with Chi, an Italian magazine, saying: “I am very happy at the moment – thanks to my man and my fairytale is continuing… We are a couple that never gets bored.”

Elisbetta then went on to say, “I am a firm believer in marriage, in the future I will be married, but for the time being I am happy as I am. I don’t need anything to confirm how happy I am.”

Eeew! Eeew! (Meanie understands that this is a not very adult response to both articles, but the images of Elisabetta and George together pretending to be daddy and baby is a bit too much, even for her.)

It’s funny that all the other women that George Clooney has been involved with have never said anything bad about him at all. The list includes Rene Zellwegger, Kelly Preston (Mrs. John Travolta), Talia Balsam (Clooney’s only ex-wife), Karen Duffy (ex MTV host) and more … the list is so long, Meanie’s fingers would get tired typing their names, but seriously, they’ve all said nice things about the boy.

Then along comes Elisabetta. Who used to be pretty before she started saying ugly things about George. Elisabetta doesn’t understand that marriage is the leading cause for divorce. And as a divorced man, George may not want to go that route again. After all, how many times can you listen to your girlfriend call you “Daddy” without wanting to hurl?

Or is it that Elisabetta now wants to be on So You Think You Can Dance?


Mean Betty

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