Mean Betty: First Teen Mom, Now Teen Divorce!

What will MTV think of next?

Mean Betty: First Teen Mom, Now Teen Divorce?!

What will MTV think of next?

-Mean Betty

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Kittens, the gifts just keep coming from MTV. First they gave us My Super Sweet 16, a show about over privileged brats lording it over other over privileged brats on their “big days.” Then they gave us Made, a show about how anyone can change his entire life in only 30 minutes or less. And then, my little ewe lambs, teendom was forever changed when they debuted, Teen Mom. A truly educational show about teens getting knocked up.

Mean Betty just lurves Teen Mom. When it’s on, she, the butler and the pool boy gather ‘round the TV and play a game. Every time a baby cries, they do a shot. Every time a Teen Mom pouts, they do a shot. Every time a door slams, they do a shot. Mean Betty, sadly, can never remember the ending of a single episode, but lambs, that’s the point of the game!

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Teen Mom Leah Messer recently married her baby daddy, Corey Simms. After six months of being legal, they’re throwing in the towel and getting a divorce. And guess what, my little angels? MTV is filming it all! Isn’t that wonderful! Now teens not only get a filmed manual on the quick and easy route on becoming a reality TV star, they’re going to get tips on how to handle their first divorce while studying for the SATs!

Mean Betty can see it now: if the ratings of the Leah/Corey divorce story arc does well, they can spin that idea off into a whole new series! Teen Divorce. We’ll get to watch stars who have retainers and toddlers fighting over the flat screen in front of a judge. And if that show goes well, perhaps kittens, we could get another show… Teen Second Marriage! Can you see it now? Teen moms trolling study halls looking for Mr. Right 3 2.

Or Teen Mom: Single Again. Kittens, we could all watch the teens juggle babies, arguing with in-laws, going to school (they do go to school, don’t they?) and …. dating! Watch Teen Mom Crystal frantically try to line up a babysitter for a hot Friday night date with an older man she met on, while studying for her chemistry mid-term and changing diapers at the same time!

If anyone can show teens the smart path to take in life, MTV can. As long as it doesn’t effect their ratings.


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  1. This is so sad, I really felt that they had something special and could work anything out. They’ve been through so much already, my heart goes out to them.

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