Mean Betty: Go Away, Michelle McGee!

Haven't we heard enough from Jesse James' tattooed mistress?
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Mean Betty: Go Away, Michelle McGee!

Haven’t we heard enough from Jesse James’ tattooed mistress?

-Mean Betty


Dearest kittens, Mean Betty rarely gets tired of any of our amusing celebrities – after all, what are they for if not to provide us entertainment at their expense? However. Mean Betty feels it is more than high time that a certain tattooed lady has her 15-minutes-of-fame ticket ripped, stamped, and tossed in the garbage. Enough already. GO AWAY MICHELLE “BOMBSHELL” MCGEE!

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Alas, this is not a sentiment shared by the geniuses over at, who have apparently hired the stripping mom / couch-hopping homewrecker to be their spokesperson. Surely you know what is, pets – a site for married people who want to have affairs. Their trademarked tagline: “Life is Short. Have an Affair.™”

A class act spokeswoman for a class act site!

According to, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee took herself to a strip club last week where she earned $500 an hour to pose for promotional photos for the site. Plus, she’s earning a percentage of any business she brings in. Nothing like making money off other people’s misery!

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty: Go Away, Michelle McGee!

  1. CityLady212 says:

    OMG that racist/ anti semetism comment is absolutely idiotic.. Women like this are what’s wrong with society and you should hereby never write about her again, MB!

  2. FBNYC says:

    Sites like represent everything that is wrong in this world.

  3. shamrockblonde says:

    a match made in – well, not heaven – hell, perhaps? – at the very least she has succeeded in sinking to an even lower low – her children will be so proud of her – NOT

  4. lemoned says:

    Can we all just stop paying attention to her? The woman has absolutely no shame, and the only way she will disappear is if we ignore her.

  5. crosswise says:

    What a sheltered life I’ve led! I can’t believe women like this exist.

  6. booksorclothes says:

    To a lot of people, Jews are not considered to be part of the human race- so in her freakin’ twisted mind, she’s okay with it.

  7. Dancingbabe413 says:

    What a ho-bag. Such a shame to society. Her kids will grow up embarassed thats for sure.

  8. hXcpunkchick says:

    Clearly Jewish is not a race. Races are different colours of one’s skin and the Jews are white too. How can she be racist against a white? /sarcasm

  9. esolkneerod says:

    Can we get a package deal and include Sarah Palin in that “let’s end their 15 minutes of fame” deal? Please?

  10. rubyshoesday says:

    It is indeed time to take out the trash.

  11. Delicate Flower says:

    Can we please stop dubbing her as “bombshell”? There is nothing bombshell about this sideshow.

  12. Jinxy says:

    God she’s terminally stupid. She doesn’t even understand that she’s racist. San Diego is a very conservative city, my hope is for her children being taken away from her so another generation of children can be free from being raised by this ignorant idiot. She should only be able to see them in a monitored environment and not very often.
    What a nasty, evil, stupid woman. She’s a freak show not a model. Jesse James will be forever haunted by this ugly toad. Every time I see her I feel so bad for Sandra, that this thing ever was brought into her life.

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